Friday 9 September 2011

NYC vibes

LeFtO Films: NYC ~ Worldwide Family US TOUR 2011 from Lefto on Vimeo.

Aaaaaaaah its so good to be back in da US !!!!!! Was a good gig wid Lefto @ Cielo (best sound system in town), gr8 set by Wiseacre too & the place was packed... Not the friendliest crowd for a Turntables On The Hudson party (+ resident & brother Nickodemus was away) but we still had fun, thnx to the extended fam & friends who passed by :-) The meatpacking district has sooooo changed in da last 2-3 years its insane... Very 'posh' & 'jeans & shirt' type of style, which obviously doesnt make the parties better, especially when cats come to you and ask for some Madonna or Nicky Menage shhh but hey..!! Saturday was nuts as well, da party was @ the Plazza Hotel in Long Island City, basically one huge outdoor party and 2 other inside the buiding (with Djs Dhundee, Op Miller, Bobbito...), and rockin da sweaty basement was Stretch Armstrong (he killed it !!), even had time to dip in da pool outside, just perfect thing to do in them hooooot nites :-) Was kindly taken to the Bronx and its huuuuuuuge for real... This place feels like
i went back in time in a way... Totally authentic like in the Scorcese films and stuck in its own time... I'll be back there...
Was also honored to be taken to the legendary Lobster Pound in the Red Hook district (Brooklyn) and had truly the best eveeeeeeeer lobster roll in my liiiiiiife !!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh just thinkin about it makes me hungry ! !!!! Expensive ($15) but totally worth it...! Had nuff time to hook up wid a few friends while there and Monday was totalluy craaaaaaazy in Brooklyn, as for the Labor Day the Afro-Carribean community celebrates also a carnival for the whole 24 hours... Like @ the Notting Hill Carnival there's a parade, sound-systems all over (playin mainly Soca & Dancehall / Reggae) and milliiiiiiiions of peeps in the streets... Sadly they were a few shootings and deaths due to the madness this year... I didnt hang out too long as i've done it couple times in da past ...
Love to all my peeps in NY, Op Miller & Akila, Yesenia, Eric Wiseacre, Amon & Mona, Nickodemus, Tara Rose, Eric, Nicole from DC, Tamara, Mae, Jose, Jordana, Keila & co., Chris & Imani, my music brothers Jay Locke & Fred P, Scribe & Amir, Nat & Zara

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