Wednesday 27 January 2010

Madrid (Churros wid Chocolate!)

Yes big massive thanx to every1 who made it @ club Charada & to dj's Javi Bayo & Barbara Lakalash (that back 2 back @ da end was nice guyz !), funnily enuff da police came 2 stop da party @ 3.30 am (!!!!???) but went carried on 'till 5 as soon as they left... The best ending was da breakfast wid fresh churros & hot chocolate...
 Delicious :-)
Shout & love to Jose & Catarina, the lovely ELodie, my man Marcial & of course Philipa 4 da hospitality... Asta luego mi amigos !

leavin u wid dis crazy video about a guy makin vinyl wid chocolate !!!! check it :

Tuesday 26 January 2010

January Chart Part 2

January Poetic Flashes  Chart  Part 2

 1   Bangana     Lardo        Underground Collective
 2   Dj Moar ft. Raashan Ahmad    Love     Trad Vibe
 3   Shur-I-Kan    One Nite In Tokyo / Out Of Time    Freerange
 4   Altered Natives    The Bitch   CDR
 5   Martyn   Hear Me / Seventy Four Remixes   3024
 6   Laura Ingalls     Disco Edits Vol.1     CDR
 7   Afronaut    Queenie (Ruff)    CDR
 8   Mosca    Square One EP    Night Sluts
 9   Broken Note   Dubversion     CDR
10  Shortstuff & Hyetal   Dont Sleep    Punch Drunk
11  Belleruche   Anything You Want (Hint Remix)  Tru Thoughts
12  Mala     Return II Space       Deep Medi
13  Zara McFarlane     Zara EP        CDR
14  Bas Ror     Fixed Purpose     Leak
15  Geeneus   Ultrafunkula        CDR
16  Monette Sudler    Baby Erik (Blackjoy Remix)   Heavenly Sweetness
17  Lone  BFBM1      CDR
18  Le Professeur Inlassable  Motoki ft Neo Muyanga     L'Inlassable
19  Starkey   Rain City     CDR
20  DZ    The Proliferation Sequence Part 1 & 2 LP    CDR
21  Various      Back From The Future  EP      Wolf Music
22  RAah Project   All Of Your Things (Blue Daisy Remix)    Summer Dawn
23  Klic    Thingy     CDR
24  Various    Versionitis     L.E.S.S Productions
25  Simbad   Salute    CDR

Next Deja Vu Fm show 29/01 

06/02    Worldwide Awards with Gilles P & guests     The Garage    London
13/02     TBA
19/02     East Village    London
20/02     Je Ne Sais Quoi      London

Saturday 23 January 2010

Haiti OXfam Benifit (RE)

A reminder for tomorrow nite, one of my brother is in Haiti @ the moment and what he just wrote us a short update : logistics is very complex at the moment and a real nightmare.  they need staff, trucks, equipment, communications, warehouses, cash, etc. and all with security and coordination, the emergency team bonds very well and they all seem committed and sharing the same values. Even though the situation is difficult and the days are long, each message from him is full of positivity that they are indeed making progress in a productive way.

Please support tomorrow nite if ur in town !

The A&R Guy

A friend of mine (also know as Mark P or LINK back in da dayz...) sent me dis hilarious vid , and trust me this is da exact reality !!!! 

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Madrid 21.01

For those who are in Madrid thursday, should be a good party !! :-)

Oxfam Haiti Earthquake Benefit 24.01.10 London

Oxfam Haiti Earthquake Benefit 

Music, Art, Dance and Love

Sunday 24th January

4pm – 2am

East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

We are coming together to help make a difference and support the Haiti earthquake victims and survivors.

In response to the horrendous natural disaster we have no choice but to show love and compassion for the unfortunate victims.

Your response so far has been phenomenal- in just 24 hours we have a venue, bar staff and security to enable this event.

The DJ's who have pledged to play so far will be:-

Phil Asher
Kev Beadle
Dom Servini
DJ Crookid
Collin Patterson
Kinetic P

With more to be confirmed

Live PA's by Don E and Nathan Adams.......Percussion by Sheyi

Three amazing record labels have donated goodie bags of their latest releases:
Defected Records
BBE Records
R2 Records

Lucinda Brown will be exhibiting some of her amazing artwork and conducting a raffle draw 

Models of Diversity and Booshie Bags will be donating denim goodies bags...


Donations will be taken at the door and ALL proceeds will go directly to the Tribe Oxfam Haiti Appeal

Please help the people of Haiti by spreading the word and coming out to support this event - the devastation and despair in this desperately poor country has been horrifying to witness but by giving up your sunday evening and surrounding yourself with like minded compassionate people we can try and bring some small respite.

Oxfam's long-term work in Haiti means that staff are already there - teams across the region are responding to the situation where the need is most urgent. Oxfam's emergency response will include providing clean water, sanitation and shelter.

Thank you to everyone involved

Monday 18 January 2010

Deja Vu Radio Show 15/01/10

First 30 min are from Martyn 


1. Om Unit - "Lightgrids" (Fat City)

2. Martyn - "Bridge" (3024)

3. Gil Scott-Heron - "Where did the night go" (XL Recordings)

4. Levon Vincent - "These Games" (Novel Sound)

5. Wulf N Bear - "Raptures of the Deep" (2020 Vision)

6. DJ Killer - "Pound" (4 Sure Productions)

7. Pattern Repeat - "Ofetriade Ben Klock remix" (Echocord)

8. Renaissance Man - "Aloha" (Sound Pellegrino)

9. Jeva Du - "I Zebra" (Platzhirsch Schallplatten)

10. Dudu - "African Woman Instrumental" (Choc's Pro Sound)

11. Mosca - "Nike (club edit)"  (Night Slugs)

12. Roska - "I Need Love" (Tempa)

then i carry on with some nu bits from Zed Bias, Mosca, Reagenz, Ben Klock, Afronaut, couple of ruffs, brand nu Mark Pritchard and more good shhh ...

Thursday 14 January 2010

SunSplash Antalya 2010

Yes !! Turkey ??? La Turquie ???? Thats riiiiiiiight, anotha gr8 little music festival if you ever have the chance to take a break in May, gonna b sea,  sand & sounds ... Line up so far includes Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay, Phil Asher, Jamie Lidell, myself & a few others... Check it

SunSplash Antalya Trailer from Serkan Cetin on Vimeo.

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Sonic Warfare : The Book

Producer, Dj & Hyperdub Rec. boss Kode 9 aka Steve Goodman has just released his book Sonic Warfare : Sound, Affect And The Ecology Of Fear... Résumé taken from 

Steve explores how sound can be deployed to produce discomfort, express a threat, or create an ambience of fear or dread--to produce a bad vibe. At the same time, artists and musicians generate intense frequencies in the search for new aesthetic experiences and new ways of mobilizing bodies in rhythm. In Sonic Warfare, Steve Goodman explores these uses of acoustic force and how they affect populations. Most theoretical discussions of sound and music cultures in relationship to power, Goodman argues, have a missing dimension: the politics of frequency.


Goodman supplies this by drawing a speculative diagram of sonic forces, investigating the deployment of sound systems in the modulation of affect. Traversing philosophy, science, fiction, aesthetics, and popular culture, he maps a (dis)continuum of vibrational force, encompassing police and military research into acoustic means of crowd control, the corporate deployment of sonic branding, and the intense sonic encounters of sound art and music culture. Goodman concludes with speculations on the not yet heard--the concept of unsound, which relates to both the peripheries of auditory perception and the unactualized nexus of rhythms and frequencies within audible bandwidths.

Daddy Goss RIP

Real sad news today... Dj, jazz lover & WAH WAH 45's Rec. founder Simon 'Daddy' Goss went to the other side... A true papa... He will be missed... 

Its A New Dawn... 2000Black

Yes thats riiiiiiiiiight !!!! Just when we're all waiting for the nu Silouhette Brown album 2 drop, 2000Black is launchin' da blog... BIG !!!!

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Jan Chart Part 1

January Ice Cold Chart 

 1   STL    Checkmate EP       Echospace

 2   Jagged     An Orange Dripping    Bonzzaj

 3   Mizz Beats    My World    Deep Medi

 4   D-Malice   Generate    CDR

 5   Pablo Fierro   Time To Change   Dark Energie

 6   Kai Alce   DW MI       Music Institute 

 7   Zed Bias ft. Fallacy & Rodney P       Badungdeng      CDR

 8   Levon Vincent   Six Figures EP   Novel Sound 

 9   Version City Session   Play Japanese Club Classics    CDR

10  House Shoes      The Makings       Do-Over 

11  Adam F & Horx ft Redman   Shut The Lights Off    CDR

12  Bullion    Crazy Over You    CDR

13  Reflection Eternal ft Jay E, J Cole & Mos Def     Just Begun    CDR

14  Africa Hi-Tech    93 Millions Miles / Our Luv         CDR

15  Berny    Schplatten (Luca Ricci Re-Edit)    CDR

16  Maddslinky & Skream   50 Shades Of Peng   CDR

17  Qwert Musique  Mononucléose LP    CDR 

18  W. Marsalis   Skein's Domain (Mark Mendoza Edit)  CDR

19  The Roots    LJNF Sandwiches LP   CDR 

20  Trilogy   Rocky Road    CDR

21  Los Hermanos   Central Nervous System   UR

22  Hallesden House Authority     Various Edits    CDR

23  Demicat   Chasin' Traces     Oh Rec

24  Pablo Sanchez ft. Colonel Red   Release The Freak (Simbad Dub)  CDR

25  Zed Bias & Omar  Special   (Simbad VIP Remix)   CDR

Previous Deja Vu radio sets can be downloaded on

Friday 8 January 2010

the Kirk post

Yea so basically i decided to stop talkin 'bout me here all da time, kinda selfish in a way hahaha, so now its time 2 share posts/feelings/good stuff/videos/music etc...
Check these wonderful written words about da current state of music in general by da master that is Kirk Degiorgio :

Properly expressed & true (imho) !!! I still don't dj wid my laptop tho'... I prefer to feel da physicality of my cds/vinyl still ;-)

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Earth, Wind & Fire & Snow in Zagreb

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ???? Earth, Wind & Fire liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive ????? Shortly after Seiji & i landed in a mist of Croatian blizzard, we went to check the LEGENDARY band on the main square of Zagreb center with Eddy (who just got back from Japan da same day), Jozef & his wife Mima ... AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIN' ! !!!!!! Every year da city organises a free live concert outdoors on this Bank Holiday Day (the 3 Kings as its called there) . We were screamin on the classic songs wid a few otha thousands while EWF was groooooooovin' ridiculously with most of da original members, and all this under hardcore snowflakes flyin from above... Yep yep yep, increeeeeeedible show no doubt... So tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight !!! Then after a tasty italian meal we headed straight 2 da club Aquarius 4 a brillaaaaaaaant nite. Bruk, house, fonky, dubstep, jungle, disco, dancehall, jazz, da dancefloor kept busy as Eddy, Seiji & i went back 2 back until 5 am,  vibes were floooooowin with loads of girls and smiles around, maaaaan that was a seriously gr8 party ! So nice 2 see youngsters gettin down on some good music... 
The return was a bit of a mess as all flights were delayed but we managed 2 grab the best food u could ever get in a an airport (@ Zagreb Airport go to the left side restaurant upstairs & get the squid, its totally riiiiiiiiiiidiculously good) ...
 Massive big up 2 Eddy Ramich & Seiji , massive love 2 all da peeps that came & massive reeeeeeespect 2 E,W&F 4 keepin it real still !

Friday 1 January 2010

NYE 2010 vibrations

Much looooooove to all my people, friends & family, wishin you to stay healthy above all & to keep feeding our consiousness with positive vibes, thanx to Lefto &  Fatou 4 da dope NYE party in BXL (and all da cool peeps in da joint!!!), big up Delugional & Azer and massive worlwide kisses to da ladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiez on Earth :-) x