Wednesday 30 June 2010

June Chart Part 2

Balkanic Ashes June Chart Part 2

 1. Baobinga    Make It Drop   (Trouble & Bass)     

 2. Plan B   Prayin' (Breakage's Bad Week Remix) CDR

 3. Pariah    Safehouses EP       R & S

 4. Greenmoney  Suh Mi Stay  (Kaytronik Mix)  CDR

 5. Hudson Mohawke  Snapdragon     WARP

 6. Sir Froderick    Heartaches & Beatbrakes LP   Record Breakin'

 7. V/A       Various             Ubeat

 8. Throwing Snow    Un Vingt / Cronos    Ho Tep

 9. Gold Panda    Unreleased Medical Journal LP    CDR

10. Foreign Beggars   Typhoon    CDR

11. VVV   The Outlands      CDR

12. Space Dimension Controller   Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere EP   CDR

13. Tambour Battant    Yo (Youthman Remix)       CDR

14. V/A     Simon S Reworks/Re Edits  LP    Futuristica 

15. Altered Natives   Serial Vendetta LP (tracks 7 to 13)   Eye4Eye

16. Marlon D     Anthem (Charles Webster Remix)      Underground Collective

17. Jo Stance   Hey Girl 7''        Ricky-Tick

18. Greymatter   Raw Root (Klic Remix)    Unique Uncut

19. Ruba KPO   Kiss Them Back (Simbad Motown Mix)  CDR

20. Disiz & Grems    Various Nu (Prod by Son Of Kick & Simbad) CDR

02/07    Deja Vu House Special with Bopstar, Malloy, Glacier etc...  @ Gramophone,    London

07-11/07   Worlwide Festival      Sete (France)

16/07        Marseille             (France)

17/07        Dour Festival     (Belgium)

20/07        Tropical Set @ Favela Chic,   Paris   (France)

Thursday 17 June 2010

Kazakhstan Trip

The great thing about my job is that i get to go to places i would have never dreamt / thought of exploring really... And thats why that was another mindbloooooowing trip !!!!
7 hours flight from London, i landed in Almaty (+2 Millions inhabitants) which was da previous Kazakhstan capital 12 or 13 years ago (Astana is the nu 1) and my friend Rustam Ospanoff (gr8 music promoter/dj/radio host & more...) took me straight 2 dinner in a 24h american dinner & we got to talk deeeeep like we dig it :-) ... Friday midday he brought me wid some friends to one of Almaty's top hill, Kok-Tube, via cable car (after a short breakfast and a few sips of camel milk, not my favourite but had to try hahaha!) so we could see the whole city and check out the view on the majestic surrounding mountains. Fun times in the park (the rollercoaster riiiiide whaaaaaaaat) but was time 2 head down 2 da radio 4 a quick live set transmission on EnergieFm, then we drove straight to the mini outdoor festival which was an hour out of the city, right by an artificial lake. Was kinda like in a resort wid swimming pools and stack of speakers all over & about a thousand of youngsters showed up @ da party. I ended playin late, nearly 'till da sunrise then Rustam finished in a superb house selection. Wasn't too impressed by all the djs but still had mad fun & we had some hysterical moments in the morning... Kazakh people are truly beautiful, a real mixture between Europe & Asia (many tribes !!),  physically and culturally of course, and every1 communicates in russian, quite fascinatin ... After a short sleep we drove back 2 Almaty to meet one of Rustam's friend & design master, Nurlan.  Now this cat is increeeeeeeeeeedible !!!! The stuff he does, designs and creates is totally mind-blowing... (wish i'd knew his website so you could check his work) . We had tea & then he  drove us to the closest mountain to see the sun dive (3000 m), was absolutely perfect timing to get plenty of fresh energies towards the long nite that was awaiting... 
 After a fantastic meal in a weird Scottish/Kazakh Pub (supa tasty lamb & veggies) Rustam & i went to play in a club called Da Freak Club & we got the grls dancin' pretty early haha... Sunday mornin he kindly brought me back 2 da airport directly from the club. Honestly i can't wait to come back in this part of the world !!!! :-)
 Maaaaaaaassive luv & thnx to Rustam (Positive Force!!!), Nurlan the Peaceful Warrior (Universal Paradox hahaha!!!), Artyom & Dorian, Julia, Arman & Islam & all the drivers (may the airport Opel cab report immediatly!!!) . Borat hasnt a clue about his country hahaha :-)

Tuesday 15 June 2010

June Chart Part 1

Kazakhstan Runnings June Chart Part 1

  1. Jumping Back Slash    IBHITHI LP     Pollinate Rec.

  2. V/A       Blacktropolis Vol. 2      Deep Blak

  3. Atjazz    Undergrounded    Atjazz Rec.

  4. The Earlyman ft. Killa P    Malarkey (Original & Kalbata Remix)   Stop Start

  5. Sepalcure  Love Pressure EP    Hotflush

  6. Von D    Various Nu     CDR

  7. FourTet    Angels (Caribou Remix)    Domino

  8. Stereotyp   Various Nu    CDR

  9. Eliphino    Season EP     CDR

10. I-Cube    Mérovingienne EP     Versatile

11. Stefano Testa   10 Ave Jackson (Original & Beat Mixes)    Rebirth

12. RLP    Works LP       CDR

13. PepeSoup  West Africa EP  Vol.1    Soupu Music

14. Negghead    You (K'Bonus Remix)     WAX

15. Pure P     On My New York Shit LP     CDR

16. Wagon Cookin  Im Gonna Make You Dance (K Shaker & Larakki Remixes)  Smoke'N Mirrors

17. Jyoti    Ocotea LP      Some Otha Ship

18. Darkhouse Family  Stay Blazed     Fat City

19. Ooft!   Spanky Spanky    FOTO

20. ASC    Nothing Is Certain LP Sampler       Non Plus

21. V/A   Jahtarian Dubbers     Vol.2   JTR

22. James Blake   Limit To Your Love  CDR

23. Paul White   Paul White & The Purple Brain LP   Now Again 

24. 1000 Names   Illuminated Man LP    CDR

25. Lloyd Miller    A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz LP    Jazzman

26. Supra1    Still Believe (The Boogaloo Crew Arpsteppa Remix)     Trouble & Bass

27. Mount Kimbie    Crooks & Lovers LP    Hotflush

28. Luv Jam   Black Moon (San Soda Remix)   We Play House

29. Mono/Poly  Paramatma LP     Tasteful Licks

30. Flako & Berghem  Put Chur Hand Up    Up My Alley

31. Dj Distane  No Warning / Jungle Fears     Chestplate

32. Blackjoy   Erotis LP     CDR

33. Cooly G & Simbad  Various Ruffs     CDR

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Sonarpilot Osaka (Simbad Dub) FREEBIE

Sonarpilot Osaka (Simbad Dub) by simbad

This is what the Boomkat website says : 
Ramadanman and Simbad turn in two tripping tribal remixes of tracks from Sonarpilot's 'Mothership' collection. The original tracks encompass electro-house and extended minimal sagas but it's the remixes that really deserve your attention. Ramadanman's 'Voodoo Logic' remix shreds a sparse and broken post-dubstep rhythm under glassy, melancholic synthworks while Simbad gives an excellent deep tribalist mix with tucked polyrhythm percussion and floating pads arranged with a masterfully jazz touch. Fans of Karizma, Floating Points or Kyle Hall should really check this!!

And basically the Simbad Dub wasnt on da 12'' so we decided to give it away :-)