Thursday 29 April 2010

From Detroit to Oakland & LA

 Daaaaaamn Detroit can be grimm. All these empty buildings in da city & neighborhoods wid empty houses when u drive around, and u have all those factory signs from Ford, GM, Cadillac etc... pretty crazy... But but but !!! What a gr8 city too ! Nuff good people & obviously some of the best electronic & soul music comes from there... Had the pleasure to spin @ Macy's after a dope set by Josh from Exchange Bureau (check dis label), not jam packed but still a good party, even Billy Love turned up 4 a dance, supa cool :-) . Nxt day recorded a nu tune wid my friend Paul Randolph and in da evening (after a delightful meal cooked by Josh's grlfriend Kat) we went to see Carl Craig who was spinning on 12''s only (no computer or cds, just vinyl) for Lafleur's & Co. birthday bash party @ a small bar/club (cant remember da name of da place & da party soz) and that was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD , Carl smaaaashed it wid some techno & house flavours, gee what a niiiite !!!! Gr8 2 meet a lot of the Detroit folks & see familiar dj faces... Mad props to Josh, Kat, Paul K, Paul R, Billy (da papa !!), Theo, Mike Clark, Carl (where's my copy ?? lol), Kyle, Kristen ... 
 Then sat nite straight to Oakland (California) for the BEST party in da Bay Area NO DOUBT !!! Anotha faaaaaaaaantastic nite amongst Dj Cali, Cecil & Be Browm, the club New Parrish was totally full by midnite (da queue was going around the block) and every1 was dancin' 'till da end, went house/bruk/hiphop/dubstep etc... to an openmind dancefloor full of sexy laaaaaaadies , seriously mad props to every1 who helped & made it 2 da party, The People alwaaaaaaaays delivers the best vibes. 
Sunday ace BBQ @ Cali & Amy's house, good food, chess & dominoes battles all day & beautiful peeps poppin' over, thats da way 2 relax on sundays sometimes :-) ... Big love to Chris & Amy, Cecil, Brendon, Aybee & Brenna, Houmou (where were u grl ???) & all whom i met... 
Last nite in LA was ace too, hanged out wid my brotha Om Mas (SA-RA Creative Partners) in his studio on the hills of Silverlake and listened to his nu album (comin out on Plug Research soon) some quality cosmic sex funk & 80's boogie vibes, wasnt too sure about the vocoder effect on some of his voice but thats me... Was mad fun still & had the pleasure to finally meet Shafiq Husayn who was there too... Thanx to TP Carter for being my host in LA &  also to Eduardo mi hermano, nxt stop LONDON town woooooooop missin' my studio badly !!! 1 luv

Saturday 24 April 2010

April Chart Part 2

Detroit Runnings April Chart Part 2

 1. Ramadanman   Glut / Tempest     Hemlock

 2. Ezel     Eternal (Instrumentals)      CDR

 3. Duncan Powell  Pushing (Falty DL Remix)    2nd Drop

 4. Donn T   Look At (Altered Natives Remix)   More About Music

 5. Bangana    Unreleased Dubs    Heya Hifi

 6. Mecca:83    3 For Free EP      Futuristica Music

 7. Baobinga & Cosmin TRG   I Get Ruff      Build

 8. Spinnerty   Just Listen (B. Bravo Remix)    Record Breakin'

 9. Maddslinky Ft. Omar    Special (MJ Cole Mix)   Tru Thoughts

10. Kalero    Yenyere Bata (Rock The Floor Mix)    Underground Collective

11. Arabyrd & Stereotyp   L.O.V / Drop it      Crunchtime Rec

12. Mensah      Untittled Future Funk EP       Hench

13. Massimo Voci   Biscuits   Black Moca

14. Pariah  Various Nu   CDR

15. Dj Cleo   Good Deep Music    CDR

16. Favorite Flava   Love (Julien Dyne Remix)   CDR

17. Salvatore Freda   Miramare EP   Freerange

18. Adeva   In & Out Of My Life (Robytek Vs Shield Mix)   CDR

19. Kink   Rachel EP    Ovum 

20. Celia Cruz   Elegua (Jose Marquez Remix)   White

21. Roman Rauch    Various Nu    CDR

22. Ryo Murakami   Off The Wall     Dessous

23. Sabo   Various Nu     CDR

24. Various       Hench Mixtape Vol.1 Sampler 3            Hench

25. James Blake    CMYK EP    R&S Rec.

26. Hawthorne Headhunters      U Say          HVW8 Rec.

27. Jesse Rose   You Know It    MTP

28. Rude Kid   Various Instrumentals   CDR

29. Ruckspin    Jibber / Get Naked       Ranking Rec.

30. Pablo  Fierro   Just Break It (Simbad Add Vox Remix)     CDR

Wednesday 21 April 2010

From San Juan to Atlanta

Aaaaaaaah u gotta love it really !!! Luckily im still in da US and not stuck in any european airports due 2 that volcano smoke like most of my peers, heard some crazy stories ... SO yes ! San Juan (Puerto Rico) was da bomb, tropical heaaaat and wild parties @ Redshield (damn can't believe we went in @ 10pm & went out of da club @10am da nxt day ??? last minute improvised after party was gr8 tho !!! Glad i carry that much cds when i travel deze dayz :-) ..!) ; Redshield is a brand nu club (and electronic label) started by my dear friend Juan Rojas aka Chuki aka Chuck Maurice who's a dope ass dj & who knows his music better then any1 on dis island truuuuuust !! We even had time 2 rinse a few dubstep tingz in da studio and can't wait 2 mix dem down... Big Up Rojas & every1 in San Juan who made it 2 da parties friday & sat !!!
 Then flew to Atlanta (Georgia). WAAAAAAOW, what a soulful city !!!!!! Seriously im feeeeelin it 200 %. Stayed @ Karl Injex & Mona's loft and amazin times all da way... Had da honor 2 make some tunes wid Kai Alce (da Detroit legend, check ur history kids), record da sexy vocals of Rozzi Daime on some funk/boogie flavaz & vibe wid my bros Justin Chapman & Dj Kemit. Da friday nite party where Black Coffee from South Africa was playin was insaaaaane & both nites @ da MJQ club were dope too, propa dancers in da building ! That city has da spirit & a deep soul vibe, really dffrnt from all the other places i went in da US, very laidback & no attitude bullshh.. Nuff love to Karl & Mona, Mike Zarin & Chris & crew, Jeff & fam, Neil (we 4got that lunch lol), Kai, Justin & Brandi, Kemit & fam, Deborah and all you lovely ladies who know ur music... Dfntly can't wait 2 come back 2 da Hotlanta !!!! Nxt stop DETROIT. 

Monday 19 April 2010

The Gift

Beautiful short from Carl Erik Rinsch, (big up Mike from Mad Mongos 4 da info...)

Wednesday 14 April 2010

April Chart Part 1

Atlanta Heat April Chart Part 1

1. Michel Cleis Various Nu CDR
2. Todd Edwards I Might Be (Mj Cole Remix) Scion
3. D-Malice Feel The Music CDR
4. Grace Jones Love You To Life (Mala Remix) Wall Of Sound
5. Disc Jackson Strawam (S Hoellermann Version) Motivic
6. Donn T Look At (E-Breaks 2 Step Mix) CDR
7. Mizz Beats My World (Om Unit Remix) CDR
8. Faithless Not Going Home (Seiji's Bassrub) CDR
9. Nu Frequency ft Ben Onono Fallen Hero (MCDE Remix)
10. Eskamon Fine Objects CDR
11. Leonard Dstroy Higher Vibrations LP CDR
12. Rossi B & Luca E10 Riddim EP Planet Mu
13. Dj Marky & S.P.Y RIff Raff Digital Soundboy
14. Akira Kiteshi Ming The Merciless EP Special Branch
15. Sinden & Sbtrkt Midnight Marauder Grizzly
16. Sekta Peterpan (Doc Daneeka Mixes) CDR
17. Natalie Storm & Footsteps Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix) CDR
18. Azaxx Autumn Dreamy (Hint Remix) Tru Thoughts
19. Ezel Various Nu CDR
20. Greenmoney Bashement 'Ouse CDR
21. Danny Drive Thru Ante Up Fat City
22. Oni Ayhun Untittled OAR004
23. Roof Light Street Level L2S
24. Wu-Massacre Our Dreams CDR
25. Chuck Maurice & Simbad Summer Badness (Ruff) CDR

Monday 5 April 2010


Yuuuuuuuuuuush what a w/eeeeeeeeeeeeeend ! !!!!!!! Cielo friday in NY was seriously gr8 wid my brotha Nickodemus, supa nice 2 see all my Nu-yorican fam & friends representin' on da floor (and hiring babysitters so they could come out and dance lol), we went housey, brukish, dubstep, soul it was just right, especially on that Funktion One sound system tuned to perfection... Thanx to all who made it !! 
 Day after straight bus ride to Washington DC 4 a big warehouse party (i was a last minute addition 2 da line up) ... Maaaaan we got out @ 8am, da best DC dj's in 2 rooms (Iwah, Sam Burns, Chris Burns, Jahsonic, Meegs, Adrian Loving, Dj Quartermaine and a few more) , good vibes all around but could have done wid maybe a few more punters due to da big space, although we vibed propa @ da after party (literally nxt door to da warehouse) and nuff ladies  represented !! Love DC as its also mixed crowdwise, like any good parties should be :-). Had a gr8 brunch @ Bistrot Du Coin (big up Yanice !!) & met really creative french cats, somehow we always bump into eachother around da world & make connections... Its all fate i guess... Thanx to Iwah, Sam & Nicole for sorting it all out last minute ! Nxt stop PUEEEEEEERTO RIIIIIIIICOOOOOOOOOO yeeeeeeh :-)

Thursday 1 April 2010

WMC 2010 Miami Madness !!!

 Took me a goooood 2 days to recover from a gr8 week in Miami, gonna try to keep it short but had seriously a fantaaaastic tiiiiiiime !!!! Best dj sets i caught  (amongst many parties) were Gilles P @ Giant Step, Jeremy Sole @ Do-Over (dope vibes in the patio !!!) , Mad Mats & Eddy Ramich @ Raw Fusion, Ezel @ The Goodness, Boddi Sathva @ Tribe, Ian Friday & Black Kofi @ the Chelsea, Josh Wink @ the Shine, Rick Wilhite @ the Shelley and a few others but i cant remember right now... Was so good to bump into all my friends from da USA & Worldwide, had fun spinnin @ a few parties, best ones being The Goodness wid Daz & co. & the Raw Fusion one (wid extra sound added 4 good measure!), i actually enjoyed the fact that this year was less 'hectic' in general,  so many things happening @ da same time was hard 2 keep up properly hahaha :-) Amazing time one evening (b4 gettin all in free @ da Detroit Party) at the beach wid Nickodemus, Nicole, Macia, Tamara, Eve & Dae, big up grlz u guys were rockin every party !!! Massive shouts & luv to everyone i saw there, was a truly good vibe & another memorable week, c u in 2011 ??? Nxt stop @ Cielo this friday in NYC x