Saturday 16 March 2013


 Revamping The Lab March Chart Part 1 

  1. Djrum  Seven Lies LP   2nd Drop
  2. Shox  Hi Grade (DVA Hi Emotions Mix)  CDR
  3. Anushka   Yes Guess   Brownswood
  4. Breach  Various Nu  CDR
  5. Sonarpilot  June Dub (Brendon Moeller Dub)  Sonarpilot
  6. Makam & Roch Dadier  Lost Archives (Part 2)   Indigo Area
  7. Dusty  Mood Matters EP   Jazz & Milk
  8. Lulu James   Closer   RCA
  9. Garnica   Fool Again LP   Galaktika
10. Alison Marks  Descendance EP   Rebirth
11. Herva   What I Feel EP   Delsin 
12. Jumping Back Slash  Boy (Only Just)  CDR
13. Klassmates   Jupiter Drums  Arpecha 
14. V/A  The Luck Of My Curse   Room WIth A View
15. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo  Dappy  Food Music
16. V/A  Americans In Europe  Spiritual Jazz Vol.4   Jazzman
17. Kab Driver   Hank Bewlington  Reset Industries
18. Yosi Horikawa   Touch LP   Eklektik
19. King Knut  46 King  Musique Large
20. Smok  Still    Phat Elephant
21. Mr Beatnick  Savannah EP   Dont Be Afraid
22. Grems & Simbad  Vampi     CDR

Friday 15 March 2013

Monday 4 March 2013


   As Winter Fades Away February Chart Part 2

  1. Liquid Phonk  Heart & Soul  Compost
  2. Kid Sublime  The Return Of THe Basehead LP   Dopeness Galore
  3. Jesse Futerman   Exquisit Basement EP   CDR
  4. Mop Mop   Isle Of Magic LP     Agogo
  5. Ty  Knock Knock  Tru Thoughts
  6. Kira Neris & Manuel Perez   Spacemaker+   CDR
  7. Komon & Applebim  Gas Jam  Applepips
  8. Damian Schwartz  Backwards   Lovemonk
  9. Wrong Tom Meets Deemas J.   Superteng  Tru Thoughts
 10. Rainy & Rex  Earthshaking   Rainy City
 11. Spinnerty  Gestures EP   Record Breakin'
 12. Drums Of Death  This Night (Waves City Dub)  Civil
 13. J. Tijn  I.P.S    White
 14. Simina Mobile Disco    Live LP   Delicacies
 15. Submerse  Algorhythms & Ghosts EP   Project Mooncirlcle 
 16. Strange U  Klaatu Barada Nikto   Eglo
 17. Deadboy   Nova   Numbers
 18. Von D  WIcked Pharoah
 19. Khing Kang King    Morning On Mercury  Sullen Tone
 20. Lea Lea  Black Or White   WahWah45
 21. Kayefi  Oreske  (Simbad Remix)    CDR