Sunday 29 November 2009

November Chart part 2

Floods In Britain November Chart PART 2

1 Bako Dagnon Le Guide De La Révolution (Simbad Remix & Dub) CDR
2 Christo Various Nu CDR
3 Yse Disappear Lost My Dog
4 Dj Spinna presents The Boogie Back Various BBE
5 T Willy Come Out & Play (The 2 Bears Remix) Girsl Music
6 Build An Ark Love (Part 1) LP Kindred Spirit
7 Mike Slot 40 Winks / Amanallah CDR
8 Various The Real Sound Of Chicago BBE
9 Dj Romain & Darry D'Bonneau Its The Spirit (Bangana Mix) UC
10 Jonny Miller Snake Skin Jus' Listen
11 Pepita Project The Way We Were (Tomson & Benidict Mixes) Pep Sounds
12 Russ Gabriel El Juan We Play House
13 Basement Jaxx Scars (Seiji Remix) CDR
14 Untold Pangea & James Blake Remixes 10'' Hemlock
15 Omar & Zed Bias Hustle Little Baby (Special) Original + Atjazz + Simbad Mixes CDR

Next Deja Vu Fm show on the 4th dec , 8-10 pm (UK Time)

Havana Cultura

Shhhhhhhheeeeeeeit... Missed da last gig in Paris wid Gilles & the band, had 2 play wid the Sofrito crew here in LDN but still, Leeds & Manchester were brillant, all da people enjoyed the live cuban band (put 2gether last minute by Vince Vella & feat. Ogguere & da amazing Danay on vocal duties) and every1 stayed while we were droppin some funky joints in da clubs... The London nite was pretty horrible soundwise and most of the people were from the industry so not da craziest vibe hahaha but hey,
thats what u get in da capital when u do album release parties i guess... And the band still delivered despite the technical difficulties (its hard 2 have a good sound in a space that has very high ceilings wid only 2 speakers right ??? wasnt da right venue). I heard Paris was a smash. We still had time 2 record 2 songs in my studio wid Danay & Ogguere, i reckon i'll dfntly put one on my nxt (nearly complete) album, already tested it out and works da dancefloor a treat... Danay's got da swing !!! :-)
Check da album its out now, some really good joints on it & its a double cd.

As a little treat this week here's the UNRELEASED remix i did for da last Jose James single 'Black Magic'.
Turn da lights off when u drop dis one on da system ;-)

Sunday 15 November 2009

November Chart Part 1

Puerto Rican Empanadas November Chart PART 1

1 Forces Of Nature Dark Angel Future Intelligent Audio
2 Mark Pritchard Elephant Dub/Heavy As Stone Deep Medi
3 S. Tellier L'Amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Remix) Lucky Number
4 Illskillz Stella Nova Illskillz Rec
5 Deadboy U Cheated EP Rounded
6 Fourtet Plastic People CDR
7 Al Tourettes Dodgem/Sunken Apple Pips
8 Flotilla Various Hohum Rec
9 Marcel Dettman Helix DNP
10 Trilogy Wanderling/In The Morning CDR
11 Slacker Come Back Home (Seiji Remix) CDR
12 Atjazz fr Sarah Jane Morris Fantasy (Maddslinky Remix) Atjazz Rec
13 Untold Gonna Work Out FIne EP Hemlock
14 Peverlist Jarvik Mindstate LP Drunk
15 Dfrnt Metafiction LP Otec
16 Debruit Various Nu CDR
17 Rainer Trueby ft Vanessa Freeman Livin In The Music Compost Black
18 Foreign Beggars Contact (Noisa Remix) CDR
19 Anthony Valadez Audio/Visual LP Recordbreakin'
20 Cem Salman Duz Deep Elevation
21 Reso Temjin EP Civil Music
22 Martjin Carnival (Dub) Baker Street
23 Uptown Funk Empire The Empire Strikes Back LP Soulab
24 Sigur Ros Gobbledigook (Gluteus Maximus Mix) Kompakt
25 The Zohar Fingers & Clay EP Quintessence
26 Al Kent Various BBE
27 Simbad & Danay Luce (Ruff Mix) CDR

13/11 with Gilles P & Havana Cultura Live Leeds UK
19/11 with Havana Cultura + guests Manchester UK
20/11 with Havana Cultura + guests London
21/11 Je Ne Sais Quoi London
26/11 Discoteca Tropical with Sofrito Dj's @ Plastic People, London
28/11 TBC
04/12 Guanabara London
05/12 Bratislava Slovakia

Next Deja Vu Fm show on the 20th nov , 8-10 pm (UK Time)

Sunday 8 November 2009

Puerto Ricooooooo !!!!!!

Been here so many times since da last few years that Puerto Rico is kinda my second home now LOL ! Beautiful island, supa hot weather, latina chicks & home of da Bomba & Plena rhythms amongst otha things, im usually stayin in San Juan wid my brotha Chuki Rojas from Redshield Rec. (dope dj & producer too) , we alwayz record some music, hang out & dj of course... Last nite was craaaaaaaaaazy, i was guesting @ The Vatican for a nite called Hi Heels (resident Max & Chuki), brillant sound system & 400 capacity club. After many rhums (Don Q style) i went really on da techy vibe, threw some detroit techno, a bit deep (but not 2 much coz they really wanted it BANGIN) then dropped some dubstep that went down gr8, nuff props 2 that young crowd & 4 da guyz 4 organisin' them nites...Hopefully we'll manage to finish dis sick 6/4 tune we've been workin on wid Chuki b4 i leave... Nuff love & respect 2 all my peeps here, i'll b back nxt year 4 sho' !!!! Nxt stop London via Miami x

here's a lil' remix from 2004 Puerto Rico stylee

Tuesday 3 November 2009

From NYC to Frisco !!!

Ayyyyyye aye aye aye aye what a weeeeeeek !!!!! So glad i caught up my friend Keziah Jones performing @ Le Poisson Rouge in NY last wedn, after a nice studio session wid Nickodemus we went 2 check him out scrap his guitar & sing his ass off in a very intimate setting, bumped into Wumni & Imani Uzuri, loooooong time no seen, proper talent deze 2 yo !!
Then friday i played @ a club called BLVD on Bowery wid Chris Annibell from Afrokinetic, nice vibes but not too busy as it was da day b4 Halloweeeeeeen (here in da US they take that day really really seriously lol) then flew straight 2 San Francisco after no sleep, so yea saturday nite was da first Raw Fusion party in San Fran @ dis place called Eve Lounge, nice lil' space wid a decent sound system, Jayvi was warmin up b4 i got on & i went supa eclectic coz it was that type of vibe, party style wid some hiphop/afro/boogie/house/dubstep/dancehall/jungle thrown in da mix naaaa mean?? Loads of lovely ladies & everyone smilin' under their masks/make up/false teeth/wigs hahahaha supa funny characters in da place 4 real ...
I really love da vibe in Frisco, so dffrnt from any other city & still that Cali touch . Unique. Sad 2 see so many homeless people in da streets tho, that shhh breaks my heart ... Managed to catch up wid my Oakland fam da nxt day (just accross the bridge) & ended up cookin some crepes @ Cali & Amy's place (coz they have da riiiiiiight kitchen 4 cookin !!!!) , was really supa nice 2 see all of you, Cecil, Aybee & Brenna, Cali & Amy (hav fun in Southport!!) thnx 4 da good vibes, big up Carolyn , Tommy Bones from NY who was in town as well (nice set i caught him playin @ The End Up, anotha mythic club in SF), Jayvi, Hakobo & Marky (good luck wid your nu club !) and all my Brooklyn fam, OP , Jay Locke (dont worry) & Ian Rock, Busquelo Nat & Zarah & the girls, Nickodemus, Aaron, Amon, Chris Annibell, Pierre & Carmella @ Grand Dakar, Andrea & Lydia, Cracka Dawn & my bro Suga K'aan who was in town too ...
Let me leave you wid dis lil' interview done by Dan Canyon in my studio last month while im off on a looooooooong plane/airport journey 2 Puerto Rico !! I aint finshed wid the sun yet !!! :-)