Tuesday 3 November 2009

From NYC to Frisco !!!

Ayyyyyye aye aye aye aye what a weeeeeeek !!!!! So glad i caught up my friend Keziah Jones performing @ Le Poisson Rouge in NY last wedn, after a nice studio session wid Nickodemus we went 2 check him out scrap his guitar & sing his ass off in a very intimate setting, bumped into Wumni & Imani Uzuri, loooooong time no seen, proper talent deze 2 yo !!
Then friday i played @ a club called BLVD on Bowery wid Chris Annibell from Afrokinetic, nice vibes but not too busy as it was da day b4 Halloweeeeeeen (here in da US they take that day really really seriously lol) then flew straight 2 San Francisco after no sleep, so yea saturday nite was da first Raw Fusion party in San Fran @ dis place called Eve Lounge, nice lil' space wid a decent sound system, Jayvi was warmin up b4 i got on & i went supa eclectic coz it was that type of vibe, party style wid some hiphop/afro/boogie/house/dubstep/dancehall/jungle thrown in da mix naaaa mean?? Loads of lovely ladies & everyone smilin' under their masks/make up/false teeth/wigs hahahaha supa funny characters in da place 4 real ...
I really love da vibe in Frisco, so dffrnt from any other city & still that Cali touch . Unique. Sad 2 see so many homeless people in da streets tho, that shhh breaks my heart ... Managed to catch up wid my Oakland fam da nxt day (just accross the bridge) & ended up cookin some crepes @ Cali & Amy's place (coz they have da riiiiiiight kitchen 4 cookin !!!!) , was really supa nice 2 see all of you, Cecil, Aybee & Brenna, Cali & Amy (hav fun in Southport!!) thnx 4 da good vibes, big up Carolyn , Tommy Bones from NY who was in town as well (nice set i caught him playin @ The End Up, anotha mythic club in SF), Jayvi, Hakobo & Marky (good luck wid your nu club !) and all my Brooklyn fam, OP , Jay Locke (dont worry) & Ian Rock, Busquelo Nat & Zarah & the girls, Nickodemus, Aaron, Amon, Chris Annibell, Pierre & Carmella @ Grand Dakar, Andrea & Lydia, Cracka Dawn & my bro Suga K'aan who was in town too ...
Let me leave you wid dis lil' interview done by Dan Canyon in my studio last month while im off on a looooooooong plane/airport journey 2 Puerto Rico !! I aint finshed wid the sun yet !!! :-)



  1. yo who is Abey? lol

    - love -

  2. Always a pleasure sweets! Thanks for cooking...again...I will cook for you one day! You know your way around my kitchen better than I do. Proper crepes. Your skills are infinite. Hope to see you soon. Be well.

    xo amy