Thursday 31 March 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011

March Chart Part 2

People Start Protesting March Chart Part 2

1. Burial Street Halo / Stolen Dog / NYC Hyperdub
2. Mike Dehnert Framework LP Delsin
3. Klic & Lokiboi Wont CDR
4. Donso Space Goni Comet
5. Holygrailers Zeppelin CDR
6. Greymatter Tesla Wolf
7. Funkystepz Shocker Instr. CDR
8. Jumping Back Slash Storms CDR
9. Hervé Together (C.R.S.T Remix) CDR
10. Andre Lodemann Dont Panic EP RWAV
11. Morphosis What Have We Learned LP M.O.S
12. XXXY Kerpow CDR
13. Peverlist Fundamentals Hessle Audio
14. Mo Kolours Various CDR
15. Addison Groove Its Got Me 3024
16. Ossie Creepy Crawlies Light Works
17. Maurice Donovan Babeh SSSSSS
18. Lone Echolocations EP R&S
19. Falty DL Mean Streets EP Swamp81
20. Afronaut I Will Not CDR
21. Soul Renegades Y'all Wont Let Me Instr. Of Rapture
22. I.D & Skinnz The Most High Earwax
23. Melon Four Seasons Part 2 Ratio?
24. Ricardo Miranda Floorwax EP HHIYR
25. Mushroom Boyz Vendette (Jungle Fungi Dub) Smooth Agent
26. Fredericks Brown Land Of Plenty EP Milk & Jazz
27. Subeena 23 EP Opit
28. Dj Oil Burn It Fluid Ounce
29. Overlast Various Dubz CDR
30. Klub Sandwich Klub Sandwich LP CDR

01/04 Los Angeles USA
02/04 The Lift (with J.Sole, Wiseacre & Ron Trent) Los Angeles USA
03/04 The End Up San Francisco USA
04/04 Deep Space @ Cielo (with François K) New York USA
06/04 Atlanta (TBC) USA
07/04 Found Love @ Sapphire (All Donations To Japan) New York USA
08/04 Miami (TBA) USA
09/04 Redshield Party (With Chuck Maurice) San Juan Puerto Rico
10/04 San Juan Puerto Rico
16/04 Je Ne Sais Quoi Party (with F.McQuinn) London UK
20 - 30/04 C U B A !!!!
01/05 Club Goa (Lovemonk Party) Madrid Spain

Thursday 24 March 2011

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Big Up Gent & Amsterdam !!

Last Friday in Gent was madness, 1500 peeps in 2 rooms with good sound-systems & 13 music performances in 1 nite , maaaaan the Democrazy crew & Lefto did an amazin job... I caught up a bit of Ghostpoet live, Kid Koala who smaaaaashed it to pieces with 3 turntables & only wax, playin rock/pop/funk/triphop/scratchin and doin solo of horns or guitar usin his vinyls, seriously this guy is a genius... Fatima kept it sexy upstairs, Grems kept it short but supa energetic (nuff reloads on his big tune), Frank & Alex delivered the good stuff on a tag-team work, Kode 9 & the Spaceape went deeeeeep (only caught the rehearsal tho as i was playin at the same time in the other room) , Tokimonsta also delivered nicely, mash-ups of classic & all sort of party tunes in da mix and everyone dancin', totally enjoyed Exile's performance on his MPC, propa skills propa grooves propa vibes in the place ! Then i jumped on around 2am, supa nice crowd and we went on dffrnt tempos all nite with Lefto joinin @ da end for a mad back to back, real open mindness was in the air that nite !! If you ever make it to Belgium make sure you pass by Gent as its also a beaaaaaautiful little town with plenty to visit and a strong medieval architecture, the 10 Days Off in july are crazy too... Check it !
Saturday took the train to Amsterdam via Antwerp (even took time to visit my bro K'Bonus & Elizabeth for the best pastramy sandwich in town as trains were delayed) and kinda arrived late which made me miss my slot on Phil Horneman's (Wicked Jazz Sounds) show on national radio, dnftly nxt time 4 sho' (his nite on sunday @ the Sugar Factory was bangin' tho, best sunday nite in Dam & goes until 6am...) .
Finally got to Canvas (in East) the place i was performing on the nite, its a restaurant/club on the top of a 7 floor building, real cool space & a great terrace that gives an open view on the city. It was dfntly an eclectic evenin'. Before my set (i was the last) some electro-funk band played, a YouTube dj was spinnin in the smokin area (playin only Youtube videos hahaha), a jazz singer warmed up the room just after the delicious dinner & Eric The Man (one of the daddy's of the Amsterdam scene deejaywise) dropped some dope ass hiphop , funk & techno... When it was my turn i had a full room of smilin people & every1 got on the groove, felt like a warehouse party in a way... Despite the bouncer askin me to stop my last tune @ the end, i still played 2 more while the lights went on and every1 was singin :-) No attitude, just good vibes and dancin'... Couldnt ask for more could i ??
Even found a minute to check Trouw (one the most legendary clubs in Dam) which was literally accros the street from Canvas. 1 big long room club wid deep house & techno comin out from the Funktion One and concrete floor. Berlin style...
I spent the nxt 2 days mainly in the Canvas building coz its all artists/studios & designers in it... Few of my friends are in there so cldnt help but check the studios héhé ;-)
I also recommend you to see Amsterdam & its beautiful canals, supa chilled vibe & mixed population. Can also be the city of vice @ nite tho, dont get me wrong lol ... But there's dfntly loads goin on on the alternative side of things, and if you ride a bike you can go everywhere easily, as its the common transportation there...
Massive thanx and shouts to : Lefto & Fatou, Dennis & Democrazy crew, Voruit Balzaal & crew, Kode, Spaceape, Exile & Jonathan, Fatima, Alex P, Frank A, Grems, Kwak, Bruno, All @ Canvas, Jorrit, Pitto, Sander & Overlast, INT, Denis & Sherisa (top notch brazilian brunch sunday niiiiice 1), Kid Sublime, Phil WJSounds & crew, Sugar Factory crew, Mark & All @ Rush Hour, Ardvaarck & Steven De Peven aka Rednose Distrikt aka my brothers from another mutti . 1 luv


Saturday 12 March 2011

March Chart Part 1

Amsterdam Booty Shakers March Chart Part 1

1. Falty DL You Stand Uncertain LP Planet Mu
2. Zed Bias Haunted Mansion CDR
3. King Hey CDR
4. Owiny Sigoma Band WIres (Theo Parrish Remix) Brownswood
5. V/A Freerange Color Violet Series Freerange
6 . 2562 Aquatic Family Affair Doubt000
7. Gold Panda Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) CDR
8. V/A Beyondjazz Vol.4 Beyond Jazz
9. Pablo Fierro El Dia De Mi Suerte Vial
10. Om Unit The Timps EP Civil Music
11. Fast Vision Soul Return To Soul SOSO Deep
12. Lostra & Jeanm Buddha Lash (Jackspot Remix) Elevation
13. Dotmatic Its Yours EP Record Breakin'
14. Soul Purpose Sublim3 Lo Rise
15. Brackles & Shortstuff Foundations (Instr) Blunted Robots
16. Pak Jones For A Moment (House Afrika Mix) Kapa
17. Fatima & Floating Points Redlight EP Eglo
18. Low Deep T It Feels Good Cut & Play
19. Tim Gaialive Ditch-Troit CDR
20. Nailah Porter Sacred (Simbad Dub) CDR

Thursday 10 March 2011

RBMA Radio : La Moutarde Show (pour les frenchies!)

I was blessed to be visited by the mighty Jerome Caron who interviewed me in the studio for his radio show on Redbull Music, its all in french tho... ;-)

PART 1 :

Grem's - Photosoap - Grems Industry
Twitch - Blow Ur Blues Away - Key Recordings
Tettory Bad - Eternal Freedom - Toy's Factory
Simbad - Dna Metamorphosis - Raw Fusion
Marathon Men - Bye Bye Babe - GAMM
Marathon Men - Party Track - Chilly Funk
Simbad - Knock On My Door Feat Gt & Lady Chill - Raw Fusion
Nicole Willis - Invisible Man (Simbad Rmx) - ATC Records
Marathon Men - Sweet Exorcist - GAMM
Atjazz & Simbad Feat Cherie Mathieson - Ether - Unreleased
Simbad - Shine (Encounters) Feat Yolanda - Raw Fusion
Simbad - Some1 4 Me Feat Robert Owens - Raw Fusion
Les Barons - Lagos Sound System - White Label
Donn T - Look At (What U Startin') - More About Music
Donn T - Give - More About Music
Broki - Ah Viene Broki (Coop Mix) - ABCD
Les Barons - Mucho Calor - White Label
4hero - Look Inside (Izmabad Remix) - Universal
Grem's - Snake Bite - Grems Industry
Chuck Maurice & Simbad - Summer Badness - Brownswood
Simbad - Momentum Feat Rich Medina - Treble O

PART 2 :

Klub Sandwich - Parigi - Unrealeased
Klub Sandwich - Deeper - Unrealeased
Q Tip Feat D'Angelo - I Believe (Simbad Mix) - Unreleased
Stevie Wonder - Up Tight (Simbad Mix) - Unreleased
Simbad French Influence Mix
Michel Legrand Trio - Paris Canaille - Universal
Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur Café - Universal
Château Flight - Superflight - Versatile
Doctor L & Tony Allen -Afropusherman - Comet Records
Julien Lourau Gambit - Agua - Warner
Guru & MC Solaar - Le Bien, Le Mal - Emi
Barney Wilen - Zombizar - Nascente
Pepe Bradock - Lara - Kif Records
Georges Brassens - La Mauvaise Réputation - Universal

Wednesday 9 March 2011

South Africa WEEK 2

Pfffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooouuuuuuuuuuwwwww what an amaaaaaaaaazin trip ! !!!! Just got back from wonderful South Africa, last w/end was a hectic and a hot one indeed ... Ventured a bit more in the Joburg area to hunt some music down but unfrntly a lot of the SA music back catalog (like Kwaito stuff) is hard to find, its all deleted ... Luckily i still found some gems thnx to Zakes . Thursday nite went to check out my man QB Smith (check out his tune Warm Days ft Natalie Maddix), Jose Carretas & Vinny @ the Bank (supa nice club in da Rosebank area) , shame that most of the clientele was more keen to sip their champagne & show off their bling shoes then dance on the round shiny dancefloor, therefore i went for it (as Pretoria ladies Felicia & friends helped me unleash LOL) and invented some nu deep house moves :-D
Then Friday went to meet Thulani & LSG in some big television studios (MNET & Vuzu) where a lot of the music videos, shows & national TV are broadcasted from. Basically i played 90 min in front of a camera for a pre-recorded show that will be live dis friday (11-1am SA time) , involving a lovely hostess presenting & people interacting with messaging on screen basically... Evening came quick then off to Kitchener's , nice medium sized pub with a decent music backroom in the Braamfontain area, near the Universities so loads of students & young crowd, actually that was an brillant gig... Every dj smashed it & the vibe was heaaaaavin !! Had to stop @ 3am when the police came to shut da place down, shame coz we cld have gone till early mornin no doubt :-)
Yeeeeeah super open minded party that one, every one danced non stop on slow & fast tunes, Soul Kandi crew you guys smashed it !!!
Sat mornin i flew straight to Capetown. 35 degrees. Daaaamn what a beautiful place !!! On the Atlantic seaside and surrounded by old low mountains (or big hills), its got a bit of Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco & LA, bit of Miami & Marseilles (and Cote d'Azur) to it... Stunning nature all around (vines included !!) & beaches all the way, i can feel a californian pace & a quality of life that you dont come across to often... In fact Capetown could be my new favourite place to be !! Absolutely looooved every moment spent there... Thanx to my wonderful guide & friend Andile i got to visit dffrnt parts of the city in the 3 days i spent there. Played @ Voom Voom Club (after a delicious Sushi treat) saturday nite but it wasnt very busy as it was the Gay Pride w/end so loads of free parties everywhere as you can imagine... Was still nice to meet french club owner Fred Spider who's trying to bring eclectic line-ups to his club. And the guest house he put me in was the best place to stay ever, i recommend it big time (Wilton Manor in Greenpoint) !! I really could go on & on about Capetown but best is to go there and massively enjoy ... oooh i almost forgot about the WINES !!!! Even tho im french i only drink a glass of wine extremely rarely (and it has to be the finest otherwise whats the point ??) but lemme tell you... South African wine roooooooocks !
SERIOUSLY THEY KNOW... Had the most amazin fruity Sauvignon Blanc & an other organic (cant remember the name) wine that bleeeeeew my taste buds away ... Aaaaah
to tell you the truth i cant wait to go back to South Africa :-) its minus 2 here in London hahahaha 8-D

(yea da pix is very representative of last sunday spent on the beach... i miss it !)

Massive props & respect to : JR, QB, Jose, Natalie & Tasha, Martin Atjazz, Ross, Gobs, Nutty, Miza, Wireless G, Allan, Kid Fonque, Kriger, Thulani, LSG, Luke Michal, Lailah, Taylor, Cliff, Thabo & Morris Pub crew, Antoinette, Isabella, Felicia, Dina, Blaine, Andile, Linda, Fred Spider, Zaki, Shadley & Eugene, Hannah, Bradley, Kenneth, Boyza, Melanie, OP Miller, Levi, Zakes, Vinny, all the clubs / places that hosted me, Air France, all the people i met & all the dancers & music seekers, thank you so much ! 1 luv

Friday 4 March 2011

Thursday 3 March 2011

Wednesday 2 March 2011

South Africa WEEK 1

When i boarded that enooooooormous Airbus A380 plane (Air France double deck, 550 capacity!!) from Paris i knew already that i was gonna have a great time here in Africa ... Top & comfortable 11 hour flight & impressive service... Landed in a hot & sunny Jo'burg (Johannesburg is too long to say) and went to meet Luke (a voiceover artist) & his family who host me in their beautiful house on the hills of Melville... Now this city is maaaaaassive , kinda in a LA style with many dffrnt hoods (and mainly POOR neighborhoods) so you need a car most of the time to get around, or a cab like. Also what stunned me most after my first week in Jozi (another name for the largest city of SA) and the whole Gauteng area, its how mixed it is, so many tribes within & africans comin from the countries further up north, indians / pakistani established since generations, its a proper melting pot of cultures...
Here citizens speak at least 5 or 6 dialects which is faaaaascinaaating ! And these dialects are very dffrnt from one another (i think that there's 11 official languages in SA) . Thursday Nutty & Miza (2 dope producers) drove me & my UK brother QB (who's partly responsible for hooking up some gigs here) to see my other brother Atjazz (first time in SA as well !!!) play in Pretoria , so funny to see mainly guys takin pictures instead of dancing to the music that nite but was still mad fun, as Atjazz's music here is MASSIVE (and bwoy it deseeeerves it !!). Coz you see SA is the mecca of HOUSE MUSIC, yep you heard !!! They knooooow their shhhhhh here when it comes to house... People know the tunes, the producers, the djs, the new & the old, the deep & the tribal, the vocals & the basslines, basically soulfulness is what its all about :-) QUITE AMAZIN HERE . And house is all over the radio... National radio... Shops... Taxis... Malls... EVERYWHERE pretty much.
Oh friday nite @ Jabulanis i heard some aaaaace KWAITO music dropped by Dj Dooh, which was a nice surprise for me as the crowd was dancin in sync ...
Sat nite i played in Pretoria, big outdoor venue, BBQs, supa nice crowd & sexy women dancing, hosted by JR (the owner) who is a true musical ambassador for his club. Big up Mo' the dj birthdayboy resident too !!! Nxt day sunday i got picked up by Thabo direction Soweto to play in a place called Morris Pub, which is the house church in the middle of the ghetto basically... (kinda feels strange at first to be the only white cat in these parties but everyone is so friendly so no tensions @ all) ... But it is THE place to be on the w/ends in Soweto. House music all nite(s) long, young upcoming djs & very very decent sound system. Yea i really enjoyed that one, all the djs were dope too, broken beats (or bruk like i say) went down supa well :-).
Still hangin around for a few more days then headin to Capetown ... Oh and food is fantaaaaaastic here !!!! :-) Feeling totally greatful

Feb Chart Part 2

Really Lovin South Africa Feb Chart Part 2

1. Jacques Greene Another Girl EP Lucky Me

2. Atjazz For Real (Remixes) CDR

3. Joash Dont Fear It Fight It LP Compost

4. Cosmin TRG A Universal Crush EP Rush Hour

5. Mau'lin ft Amenta Deeper Than The Sun H0 Tep

6. Submotion Orchestra All Yours Exceptional

7. Klic Dachshund Skank (Remixes) Hit & Hope

8. South West Seven Mels Pockets (OOFT Remix) Carry On

9. Albert Albert EP Studio Rockers

10. Andreas Saad Leslie Vision EP RWAV

11. Soul Minority I Get Deep (Alexkid Remix) Raw Cuts

12. Altered Natives Presents V/A The Guild Of Synchronists Eye4Eye

13. Taras Van De Voorde 1998 (2000 & One Re-Edit) Rebirth

14. LV & Message To Bears ft Zaki Explode EP 2nd Drop

15. SCB Loss CDR

16. Sinden & SBTRKT Grazed Grizzly

17. Marlon D NYC VS AFRICA (Aaron Ross Dub) UC

18. Photek 101 (Boddika's Drum Machine Mix) CDR

19. Wookie DUBZ CDR

20. XXXY Gemini Rises CDR