Monday 26 August 2013


Surrounded By So Much Music August Chart

 1. Walter Ego  Baby Benz EP    CDR
 2. Stereotyp  Werk Hard LP    Crunchtime
 3. Tessela  Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)  CDR
 4. Mark Pritchard  Ghetto Blast   Warp
 5. Jessy Lanza   As If   Hyperdub
 6. Tirzah  Various    CDR
 7. DVA  Walk It Out (Dj Rashad's Slip Away Mix)  CDR
 8. Sampha    Dual EP   Young Turks
 9. TH7 Immortxlz  Various   CDR
10. Eddie Six  Palynology   CDR
11. Thefft  Contextual    CDR
12. Lay-Far  Yes You Can   Glenview
13. Guy Andrews  Annum EP   Fina
14. OL  Make THings EP   Capital Bass
15. Carlo   Note To Luisa    Room With A View
16. V/A  Freight Train Series Vol.1   Noble Square
17. Dj Tipz   Lifetime (Dub)    ARC
18. Boddika & Joy-O  Mercy (Slick Shoota Edit)  CDR
19. Om Unit  The Hand  Metalheadz
20. Jaisu   A Short Album     CDR

Tuesday 6 August 2013


 Summer Transitions Or Never Forget Your Close Ones July Part 2

  1. Vince Vella  No Para ft. Dany Suarez   CDR
  2. Karizma   Wall Of Sound LP    R2
  3. Sola Rosa   Promise ft. Olivier Daysoul  Agogo
  4. FourTet   Kool Fm  CDR
  5. Massimo Voci  Various    Black Moka
  6. DVA   Mad Hatter  CDR
  7. Kyodai   Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)   Local Talk 
  8. Mike Dehnert    FK    Fachwerk
  9. Lost Midas    Memory Flux EP   Tru Thoughts
10. Jacob Korn   You & Me LP  Uncanny Valley
11. Ghosttown Meets Parly B   Every Manor EP  Senseless
12. Wiley  Flying   Big Dada
13. Brisa  You Got Me (Demo)    CDR
14. Washerman  Raw Poet EP   Drumpoet Community
15. 813  Espoir Voyage  Apothecary Compositions
16. Anushka  Never Can Decide   CDR
17. PolyRhythm  Dale Candela   Ocha
18. Synkro  Look At Yourself (Djrum Remix)   Mindset
19. Lil Silva   Distance EP  Good Years
20. Bakradze   The Room (Simbad Edit)  CDR