Wednesday 25 April 2012

A few really good radio shows...

I hardly ever listen to radio these days, or even podcasts or shows BUT there's a few that i check when i get a chance & that spread the GOOD music, yes THAT GOOOOOOOOD music :-D

Not only she's one talented singer & songwriter but her taste is spot on, Giovanca can dfntly school
most of da dj cats i know on the soul & jazz tip... 

Obviously my brother & musical twin Dj Lefto always offers the cream of the cream, slow, fast, nu or old, u get it all & its all good !!

Had to put papa Gilles P as he's da daddy, with his nu 3 hours show every saturday, spreading the greatest forms of music, future or past... Vas-y Gillou !!

Soooooo many good shows on there, including Charles Webster's one, Mamiko or Dj Cosmo, loads of known & unknown amazing people & ALL music styles represented... Yeaaaaars of good music to listen in the archives...

The best radio in East London when it comes to eclecticness & good vibrations, nuff friends & fam playin on there, quality always.

The sickest 'dance music' radio as its all broadcasted live from the club / festival / living room & every forthcoming talent has done it, UK style, nuff said

and thats it for today... Enjoy !!

Friday 20 April 2012

April Chart

April Showers & Spring Stop Overs Chart

  1. Machinedrum & Falty DL  Give In 2   CDR
  2. Phil Asher  Rhythmical Whim's EP  restless soul
  3. Jumping Back Slash  Uhlobo / Unkhathi   CDR
  4. Greymatter  Give In To Me (Remixes)  Wolf
  5. Aardvarck   Indo EP    Skudge
  6. Sinistarr  Cetra EP   Hit & Hope
  7. S Maharba  French Maid EP   BTS
  8. Shadow Child   String Thing   CDR
  9. Kid Sublime  The Good EP   Dopeness Galore
10. DVA  Polyphonic Dub  CDR
11. Pat Lezizmo Chop Curry (Blaq Soul Remix)  Smooth Agent
12. Gurhan  Between Us (Terry Lee Brown Jr Remix)  DHP
13. Columbia Nights  Dawn / Dusk   Record Breakin 
14. Andrea   Work The Middle  CDR
15. Pépé Bradock  Imbroglios Part 1   Atavisme
16. Andras Fox  Your Life EP   CDR
17. L-Vis 1990  Club Constructions Vol.1   Night Slugs
18. A Taut Line  Blue Optics  CDR
19. Evangeline   Untitled  CDR
20. Simbad   Untitled Nu DUBZ  MacBook Pro

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Lupus Awareness

My friend Daphne's little sister has a severe form of Lupus and started a foundation called the Plum Blossom Foundation to create more awareness on Lupus. For this she made a film called FLARE.
The film FLARE  is online on the Plum Blossom Foundation website

Spread the word please

(J Dilla passed away due to Lupus)

Monday 9 April 2012

Grems New Mixtape !!

My brother Grems is giving away a free mixtape (this one is for the frenchies !) mixed by my other brother the one & only Lefto, including loads of unreleased feat. Opolopo, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Dj Troubl, Son Of Kick, Simbad & others on the production...

Download Here :

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Educational Fragment 4

HILAAAAAAAAAAAAARIOOUS !!! (And very true too !!!!)  Merci Lefto...

Sunday 1 April 2012

March Chart Part 2

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime March Chart Part 2

 1. Claro Intelecto Reform Club Lp Delsin
 2. Sweatheart Of Kahiri Sweetheart Of Kahiri EP CDR
 3. Roberto Rodriguez Tell Me (Instrumental) Serenades
 4. Lay-Far Detour EP Soulimago
 5. Ill Blu Clapper Hyperdub
 6. Various Artists Beatronomy LP Dark Energy
 7. Kalbata Freetown / Skanker Greenmoney
 8. Lone Galaxy Garden LP R&S
 9. Lack Of Afro Remixes & Rarities LP Freestyle
10. Ebo Taylor Appia Kwa Bridge LP Soundway
11. Deep Space Orchestra Blindsided (Medlar Remix) Foto
12. Kelpe I Felt Fuzzy EP Svet
13. Mr Cenzo Push It (Poussez Remix) Artizan
14. Mitsu The Beats Silver Jazzy Sport
15. Helix Drum Track (Instru + Vox Ft Flirta D) Night Slugs
16. Jessica Lauren Four LP Freestyle
17. Scrimshire Everything You Say EP Wah Wah 18. IG Culture Black Renaissance Kindered Spirit 19. Ports Nowhere In Between CDR