Wednesday 25 April 2012

A few really good radio shows...

I hardly ever listen to radio these days, or even podcasts or shows BUT there's a few that i check when i get a chance & that spread the GOOD music, yes THAT GOOOOOOOOD music :-D

Not only she's one talented singer & songwriter but her taste is spot on, Giovanca can dfntly school
most of da dj cats i know on the soul & jazz tip... 

Obviously my brother & musical twin Dj Lefto always offers the cream of the cream, slow, fast, nu or old, u get it all & its all good !!

Had to put papa Gilles P as he's da daddy, with his nu 3 hours show every saturday, spreading the greatest forms of music, future or past... Vas-y Gillou !!

Soooooo many good shows on there, including Charles Webster's one, Mamiko or Dj Cosmo, loads of known & unknown amazing people & ALL music styles represented... Yeaaaaars of good music to listen in the archives...

The best radio in East London when it comes to eclecticness & good vibrations, nuff friends & fam playin on there, quality always.

The sickest 'dance music' radio as its all broadcasted live from the club / festival / living room & every forthcoming talent has done it, UK style, nuff said

and thats it for today... Enjoy !!

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