Friday 6 December 2013


Never Give Up Fighting For Freedom November Chart

  1. Zed Bias   Boss LP   Swamp 81 
  2. Andy Mac  Regular & Irregular EP   Idle Hands
  3. Egyptrixx  A/B Til Infinity LP   Night Slugs
  4. EVM128   Beyond  Studio Rockers 
  5. V/A  Selected & COmpiled by Fred P    White
  6. Lord Echo   Curiosities LP    Bastard Jazz
  7. Bok Bok & Tom Trago  Various Nu  CDR
  8. Kaytronik   I Got It Bad   ARC
  9. Simon Baker  Arpy EP   NoFitState
10. V/A    5 Years   Deeper Shades
11. HNNY   Tears EP   Local Talk
12. KRL   The Game    WOLF 
13. Farah   Pieced Apart    Don't Be Afraid
14. Dj Haus   Addicted To Houz   HotShit
15. Buzzin 10   Bleakest Rave   Well Rounded
16. V/A   The MC / Son EP      Stilove4Music
17. Atjazz & Jullian Gomez   The Gift The Curse LP    ARC
18. Moresounds  Moresounds EP    APHA
19. Tsunga   Feisar   DVA Music
20. Akra   Pure    Rebirth
21. Nguzunguzu  Various Nu  Fade To Mind
22. Boxcutter  Gnosis EP    
23. Lakosa & Rick Grant     Static   Tender Hooks
24. Ragz Nordset  You Started All  (Emerson Twin Remix)  NuNorthern Soul
25. V/A   Retroperspective 4   RWAV
26. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra   Amsterdam Zest  LSR
27. J.A.N   Make It Funky    Dopeness Galore
28. Simon Harrison  Toy Dogs  CDR
29. Asheru   Sleepless In Soweto LP   Guerilla Arts Ink
30. Joe  Club Scared  Hemlock
31. Basic Soul Unit   Headlong  Lab.Our
32. SwamiMillion   Droids  Ten Eight Seven
33. Si Tew  Maricaibo  CDR
34. Miajica  Wild Barrabas   White
35. Imami Madhouse EP  APC
36. AfroBuddha  Zone EP   Round In Motion
37. Ganz  Purple Forest  CDR
38. Kez YM   Amplified Soul    Faces
39. Jamie XX  Sleep Sound  CDR
40. Giovanca   Lockdown (Simbad 12'' Disco Mix)   CDR

Saturday 2 November 2013


Halloween-ter In Europe October Chart

  1. Mokele  Enschede  Best Of 
  2. Rose Ryot  Various  CDR
  3. Legowelt  Majestic Alchemy Delsin
  4. Ripperton  Various Nu   Tamed Musiq
  5. William Kouam Djoko Deflourished Rush Hour
  6. Leif  Dinas Oleu LP   Fear Of Flying
  7. Wbeeza   I Like It  PFly
  8. Mr Beatnick  The Synthetes Trilogy LP   Don't Be Afraid
  9. Owiny Sigoma Band   Sunken Wrecks (Pilooski Remix)  Brownswood
10. Fulgeance  Cubes LP  Musique Large
11. Jus Now  Vodou Riddim  Gutterfunk
12. Fatima   Family   Eglo
13. Conforce  Kinetic Image LP  Delsin
14. V/A   Peru Maravilloso  Tiger's Milk
15. Four Tet   Beautiful Rewind LP  TEXT
16. Souleance  Brother EP   First Word
17. Mumdance & Logos   Genesis EP   Keysound 
18. Ghost Mutt  Ramble Pak EP    DKY
19. Om Unit  Threads LP     Civil Music
20. The Smoke Clears   Listen LP   Further
21. Machinedrum   Vapor City LP   Ninja Tune
22. Reggie B  DNA LP   Tokyo Dawn
23. Deetron  Music Over Matter LP   Music Man
24. The Gene Dudley Group   The Hilo Bay Halfway LP  Wah Wah 45
25. Kalbata   Sus Feat. Clapper Priest   Tru Thoughts
26. John Heckle  Birds With Vertigo  MOS
27. S3A    Intensity  Local Talk
28. Neil Landstrumm  Dragon Under LP  Sneaker Social Club
29. Simbad    Time feat. Erik Rico    CDR
30. Deetron   Strange Things feat. Justin Chapman (Simbad Re(velation)Mix) CDR

Thursday 10 October 2013


Official Start Of The Autumn In Europe September Chart Part 2

 1. Laura Welsh   Undiscovered (Gilles P Remix)   CDR
 2. Jesse Futerman  Betrayal (Love Is Misery)  (Shield Re-Edit)   Rebirth
 3. Darkstar  Timeaway / Hold Me Down (Darkstar Remixes)  Warp
 4. Kry Wolf  Nightmode (Pedestrian Remix)   Food Music
 5. Laurel Halo  Chance Of Rain / Ainnome   Hyperdub
 6. Quantic & Nidia Gongora    Muevelo Negro  Tru Thoughts
 7. Objekt   Agnes Demise   White
 8. Ugly Drums  Basement Work Out EP    Fifty Fathoms Deep   
 9. Nuphlo  No Me Nah (160 Rework)   Studio Rockers
10. Onoe Caponoe   Milkyway EP   2nd Drop
11. Simoncino   For My Father EP   Creme Organization
12. Vartious Artists    100DSR/VAR3     Delsin
13. Collocutor  Instead (Emanative Remix)  CDR
14. Kelpe  Fourth : The Golden Eagle Remixed   Drut
15. NDV  Chestivations  EoLB
16. XVR  Helle  CDR
17. My Nu Leng & Majora  The Grid (Alias Remix)   877
18. Funk Butcher feat. Tippa  Better Place  Houseology
19. Robinn   Multiphonia LP   Compost
20. Tuff City Kids   Roby Rease EP   Delsin

Sunday 15 September 2013


Kicking Off Autumn With The Good Stuff September Chart Part 1

 1. Mokele   My Friend JFC   Best Of
 2. Wbeeza   Mo Bella EP   3rd Ear
 3. Kez YM  Late Night Remedy   City Fly
 4. Alma Negra & Friends  Various Edits  CDR
 5. Alex Barck   Oh Africa  Sonar Kollektiv
 6. Deetron   Rhythm feat. Ben Westbeech (+ Remixes)   Music Man
 7. Kid Sublime  The Cooldown   Dopeness Galore
 8. Cain  Blainn (LV Remix)   Fine Grains
 9. The Reflex   Various Edits    CDR
10. Jerome Derradji  V/A & Edits Compilation   Still Love For Music
11. Physical Therapy  White Label (Nautiluss Remix)  Grizzly
12. Mieux  Neufant (Remixes) EP     UpMyAlley
13. Arts The Beatdoctor  Ghost In The Machine  Lowriders
14. Cid Rim  Mute City EP    Lucky Me
15. Christian Prommer   Sarabande (Christian Loeffler Remix) Musica Autonomica
16. Sons Of Kemet    Inner Babylon (Vince Vella Dub)    CDR
17. James Welsh  Sent  Hypercolour 
18. Bakongo  Demi God  RKS
19. Cooly G  Try Anything (Deep Mix)   CDR
20. Mosca  A Thousnad Years Wait EP     Delsin
21. Information Ghetto  Inspiration (Aubrey Dark Remix)  Burek
22. Eric Ericksson  Yuki (Deeper Dub)    Swedish Brandy
23. Kid Fonque & Friends   Various   CDR
24. Jam City   Club Constructions Vol.6    Night Slugs
25. Kodiak    Dragon Drop (+ Eliohino Remix)    Hot Shit
26. Stubborn Heart  Penetrate (Leo Invisible Remix)   
27. Jimpster   Brought To Bare feat. J. Backelie (Deetron's Paradise Version)  Freerange
28. Jumping Back Slash   Ancestors  JBS
29. Afrikan Sciences Theta Wave Brain Sync LP  Deepblak
30. Shigeto   No Better Time Then Now LP  Ghostly International
31. Various Artists (Sel. by Mamiko)   Amada    All City
32. Lorn  Italics   Ninja Tune
33. Sroczynski Prus  Final Wielkiej Cioty (Lars Behrenroth Edit)  Deeper Shades
34. Deft  Voight Kampff EP   Mooncircle
35. Raoul K   World (Simbad Remix)    CDR

Monday 26 August 2013


Surrounded By So Much Music August Chart

 1. Walter Ego  Baby Benz EP    CDR
 2. Stereotyp  Werk Hard LP    Crunchtime
 3. Tessela  Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)  CDR
 4. Mark Pritchard  Ghetto Blast   Warp
 5. Jessy Lanza   As If   Hyperdub
 6. Tirzah  Various    CDR
 7. DVA  Walk It Out (Dj Rashad's Slip Away Mix)  CDR
 8. Sampha    Dual EP   Young Turks
 9. TH7 Immortxlz  Various   CDR
10. Eddie Six  Palynology   CDR
11. Thefft  Contextual    CDR
12. Lay-Far  Yes You Can   Glenview
13. Guy Andrews  Annum EP   Fina
14. OL  Make THings EP   Capital Bass
15. Carlo   Note To Luisa    Room With A View
16. V/A  Freight Train Series Vol.1   Noble Square
17. Dj Tipz   Lifetime (Dub)    ARC
18. Boddika & Joy-O  Mercy (Slick Shoota Edit)  CDR
19. Om Unit  The Hand  Metalheadz
20. Jaisu   A Short Album     CDR

Tuesday 6 August 2013


 Summer Transitions Or Never Forget Your Close Ones July Part 2

  1. Vince Vella  No Para ft. Dany Suarez   CDR
  2. Karizma   Wall Of Sound LP    R2
  3. Sola Rosa   Promise ft. Olivier Daysoul  Agogo
  4. FourTet   Kool Fm  CDR
  5. Massimo Voci  Various    Black Moka
  6. DVA   Mad Hatter  CDR
  7. Kyodai   Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)   Local Talk 
  8. Mike Dehnert    FK    Fachwerk
  9. Lost Midas    Memory Flux EP   Tru Thoughts
10. Jacob Korn   You & Me LP  Uncanny Valley
11. Ghosttown Meets Parly B   Every Manor EP  Senseless
12. Wiley  Flying   Big Dada
13. Brisa  You Got Me (Demo)    CDR
14. Washerman  Raw Poet EP   Drumpoet Community
15. 813  Espoir Voyage  Apothecary Compositions
16. Anushka  Never Can Decide   CDR
17. PolyRhythm  Dale Candela   Ocha
18. Synkro  Look At Yourself (Djrum Remix)   Mindset
19. Lil Silva   Distance EP  Good Years
20. Bakradze   The Room (Simbad Edit)  CDR

Friday 19 July 2013


Only Heat All Over The Place July Chart Part 1

1. V/A   Brownswood 100   Brownswood
 2. Mr Oizo   Unicat  CDR
 3. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque & Dj Whisky  Be EP  ARC
 4. Pablo Valentino  Friends Say So EP  Faces
 5. Machinedrum  Eyesdontlie  Ninja Tune
 6. Congo Natty  Get Ready   CDR
 7. Basic Soul Unit   Distant Lines EP   Fanzine
 8. Alice Russell  For A While (Lost Midas Remix)  Tru Thoughts
 9. Mighty Zulu Nation  Abantu (LV Remix)  CDR
10. Anerah Yasole  Vigors Souls Of Mombasa   Offerings
11. Addison Groove & Sam Binga  BS3 EP   50 Weapons
12. Kevin McPhee  Unwind  Idle Hands
13. Eddy & Dus   Again & Again   CDR
14. Redinho  Searching   Numbers
15. Sinden   Ring Around The Groove
16. Brackles  Overtime   Rinse
17. Xavier  Weird  CDR
18. Quantic Y Anita Tijoux  Entre Rejas Tru THoughts
19. Ziro  Pulse EP   Fulcrum
20. Hodge  Holographic EP   Well Rounded Housing Project
21. Hunter Game  The Island EP  Last Nite On Earth
22. Jacques Greene   Faithful   Lucky Me
23. Lrusse & Bleecker  Dot Product  Applepips
24. Riva Starr No Mans Land (Riva Starr & Santos Remix)  Snatch!
25. Jimmy Edgar  Hot Inside EP   LVX

Sunday 30 June 2013


Waiting For The Sun To Say Wassup June Chart

 1. Deetron   Insatiable ft. Delvis   CDR
 2. Brisa  Night Calls  Best Of Rec.
 3. Yosi Horikawa  Vapor LP  First Word
 4. Fred P   Brother's Searching  CDR
 5. Elise   Poseidon (All Mixes)   ARC
 6. Paul White  Watch The Ants EP   One Handed
 7. Rondenion   Luster Grand Hotel LP   Plug Research
 8. Mop Mop   Let I Go (Raoul K Remix)   CDR
 9. Awe  YYY  Terrorhythm 
10. Calus Rosen   Wonderful   Local Talk
11. Giovanca   Satellite Love LP    Dox
12. Awanto3  Holy Mozes EP   Rush Hour
13. Frits Wentink   Mouse   Wolf
14. Kon   On My Way LP   BBE
15. Interstellar Funk   House Train  Voyage Direct
16. Kromestar   X-Files   Cosmic Bridge
17. Tom Trago   Avenido    Rush Hour
18. Comfort Fit   Worlds Falling Apart LP  YHIWSI
19. Sophie   Elle   Numbers
20. Hysterics  Code Switch (Club Mix)   Night Slugs
21. Christo   Expansive Thoughts   Broadcite 
22. Leonidas & Kay Suzuki  Revolve  Round In Motion
23. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque & Dj Whisky   Be EP    ARC
24. Jonny Miller    Various   CDR
25. Mieux  Nenfant EP   Up My Alley

29/06    Open Source Festival , Düsseldorf  GE
02/07 - 08/07  Worldwide Festival , Sete  FR
20/07   Ola - Montpellier  FR
25/07   Le Mas - St Raphael   FR
26/07   Mojo Club - Hamburg  GE
02/08   Annecy  FR

Wednesday 26 June 2013


Due to massive Hard Drive crash :-/

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Noche Sueños feat. Danay Suarez (Mala & Simbad Super Dub)

Out on Brownswood Rec. June 26th as a limited 10''

Monday 20 May 2013


No Summer In Europe Yet In May Chart Part 1

 1. Mitsu The Beats   Beats Installments Vol. 2   Jazzy Sport
 2. Moonchild   Be Free LP   CDR
 3. Ty  Lets Start  Tur Thoughts
 4. Elise   Poseidon (Original +  Remixes)  ARC
 5. Lemon & Herbs  Velani (Remixes)  Ocha
 6. Lefto  Blair  CDR
 7. Kingdom   Vertical XL   Fade To Mind
 8. Kelpe   Fourth : The Golden Eagle LP  Drut
 9. Kode 9   Uh   Tempa
10. Hawk House  A Little More Elbow Room LP   CDR
11. CONE  Doppa  Loungin'
12. Debian Blak  Six Months From Mars  Audio Daughnuts 
13. Bakradze  The Room   2nd Drop
14. Calvin Fallo  Where Are We Going  DM
15. Thundercat  Apocalypse LP   Brainfeeder 
16. Gossamer  Various Nu   Innovative Leisure
17. Kalbata  Barbara   Greenmoney
18. Collocutor   Instead  (Emanative Remix)  CDR
19. Double Yellow  Roustabouts (Olatunde Remix)  Here & Now  
20. Mieux  Risiko  UpMyAlley
21. Riva Starr ft. Rssll  Detox Blues (Butch Dub)  Snatch!
22. Dimitry Liss  Slam Jam Sizzle  Immerse Audio
23. Sek  Come On Toshi !  Lost My Dog
24. Drumagick    Rio Drums   Tru Thoughts
25. Erdbeerschnitzel   Cushion EP   Delsin
26. Michael Gracioppo  Santo & Christine EP   MCDE
27. Pepe Bradock  Acid Test 07   Absurd
28. D-Malice   Love Theme   DM
29. Arc 88   Word Is Born  Terrain
30. Brisa  Night Calls   CDR

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Grems 'Vampire' (Prod. By Simbad)

This is Grems new single that i produced for his forthcoming album of the same name.

 'Vampire' is out on the 13th May

Man is a true legend ... #French #HipHop #Deephop

Tuesday 30 April 2013


Let The Sun Shine On Us All April Chart

  1. Laurel Halo   Behind The Green Door EP    Hyperdub
  2. Dorian Concept   Booth Trust   CDR 
  3. Raoul K    Neo Evolution EP   White
  4. Pedestrian   Hoyle Road   Born Electric
  5. Dale Howard   Throwback (Dub)   Local Talk
  6. Electric Jalaba   Electric Jalaba LP   CDR
  7. Vernon Felicity  3    MOS
  8. Cosmin TRG   Gordian LP  50 Weapons
  9. Moiré   Rolx EP     Rush Hour
10. Walton    Baby    Hyperdub
11. Shur-I-Khan   Conundrum   Freerange
12. OL & Yoin   Sink EP    Fine Grains
13. Sepalcure  Make You EP    Hotflush
14. Analog Players Society   Coule'Ba    Studio Brooklyn
15. Bladerunner  Dragonfly / Biological Mutations    Dark Manoeuvres 
16. Tythe   Let The Dance End   Sunday Best
17. Kode9   Xingfu-Lu      Hyperdub
18. Swindle    Long Live The Jazz LP   Deep Medi
19. Neville Watson  Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts LP   Creme Organization
20. Roland Nights   Breezin  Lost My Dog
21. Chrissy Murderbot  Alright  EP    Hyperboloid 
22. Webster Wraight Ensemble   No Lucky Days LP   Heavenly Sweetness
23. DA-10    The Shape Of Space EP   WotNot
24. Braille  The Storm EP    Glass Table
25. Visonn   Dischord & Cleanse EP  Immerse Audio
26. Slum Village  Forever   CDR
27. Pomrad  This Day EP   Earnest Endeavours
28. Owiny Sigoma Band    Power Punch LP   Brownswood
29. Inkswel      Australaborialis EP  Faces
30. Om Unit & Sam Binga    Electribe Riddem  Exit
31. V/A    Feathers EP     Pelican Fly
32. Mako  Various Ruffs   CDR
33. Grems  Vampire LP   CDR
34. Mop Mop  Kamakumba (Simbad Dub)  Agogo
35. Vaun   Taking Over (Simbad Remix)  Mindstep

Monday 1 April 2013


    Easter In Europe March Chart Part 2

  1. L-Vis 1990   Ballads EP   Night Slugs
  2. Kelpe    Answered EP    CDR
  3. Grooveman Spot  Begin To Notice LP  Jazzy Sport
  4. Swamimillion  Lemons  CDR
  5. Alex Barck  Dont Hold Back  Sonar Kollektiv
  6. Ejeca   Different Rules  Lokee
  7. Mike Steva  New Beginning  Yoruba
  8. Letherette  D&T EP   CDR
  9. Massimo Di Lena   Hardplace EP   Early Sounds
10. Matrixxman ft. Mykki Blanco   God Created The Beat EP  Grizzly
11. Tuesday Born   Singing In The Dark EP   Audio Doughnuts
12. Bonobo  The North Boarders LP    Ninja Tune
13. Cure-Shot  That Body (Berk Doan Remix)   Deep House Proposal
14. Suitdancer  Copshow  Tone Control
15. Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo   Same LP   All City
16. D-Ribeiro   The Circus EP  Syncom Data
17. Bruk Boogie Kru VS Margareth Menezes   Untitled  CDR
18. Mike Dehnert  Placide EP  Fachwerk
19. V/A  John Morales Presents The M&M Mixes Vol.3   BBE
20. Simbad ft. Bam   Found Angel  (Feivo Jackin' Mix)   Best Of

Saturday 16 March 2013


 Revamping The Lab March Chart Part 1 

  1. Djrum  Seven Lies LP   2nd Drop
  2. Shox  Hi Grade (DVA Hi Emotions Mix)  CDR
  3. Anushka   Yes Guess   Brownswood
  4. Breach  Various Nu  CDR
  5. Sonarpilot  June Dub (Brendon Moeller Dub)  Sonarpilot
  6. Makam & Roch Dadier  Lost Archives (Part 2)   Indigo Area
  7. Dusty  Mood Matters EP   Jazz & Milk
  8. Lulu James   Closer   RCA
  9. Garnica   Fool Again LP   Galaktika
10. Alison Marks  Descendance EP   Rebirth
11. Herva   What I Feel EP   Delsin 
12. Jumping Back Slash  Boy (Only Just)  CDR
13. Klassmates   Jupiter Drums  Arpecha 
14. V/A  The Luck Of My Curse   Room WIth A View
15. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo  Dappy  Food Music
16. V/A  Americans In Europe  Spiritual Jazz Vol.4   Jazzman
17. Kab Driver   Hank Bewlington  Reset Industries
18. Yosi Horikawa   Touch LP   Eklektik
19. King Knut  46 King  Musique Large
20. Smok  Still    Phat Elephant
21. Mr Beatnick  Savannah EP   Dont Be Afraid
22. Grems & Simbad  Vampi     CDR

Friday 15 March 2013

Monday 4 March 2013


   As Winter Fades Away February Chart Part 2

  1. Liquid Phonk  Heart & Soul  Compost
  2. Kid Sublime  The Return Of THe Basehead LP   Dopeness Galore
  3. Jesse Futerman   Exquisit Basement EP   CDR
  4. Mop Mop   Isle Of Magic LP     Agogo
  5. Ty  Knock Knock  Tru Thoughts
  6. Kira Neris & Manuel Perez   Spacemaker+   CDR
  7. Komon & Applebim  Gas Jam  Applepips
  8. Damian Schwartz  Backwards   Lovemonk
  9. Wrong Tom Meets Deemas J.   Superteng  Tru Thoughts
 10. Rainy & Rex  Earthshaking   Rainy City
 11. Spinnerty  Gestures EP   Record Breakin'
 12. Drums Of Death  This Night (Waves City Dub)  Civil
 13. J. Tijn  I.P.S    White
 14. Simina Mobile Disco    Live LP   Delicacies
 15. Submerse  Algorhythms & Ghosts EP   Project Mooncirlcle 
 16. Strange U  Klaatu Barada Nikto   Eglo
 17. Deadboy   Nova   Numbers
 18. Von D  WIcked Pharoah
 19. Khing Kang King    Morning On Mercury  Sullen Tone
 20. Lea Lea  Black Or White   WahWah45
 21. Kayefi  Oreske  (Simbad Remix)    CDR

Friday 22 February 2013


TEA-TIME @ LA Bellevilloise with Gilles Peterson, Romare (Live), Rustam Ospanoff, Dj Simbad



Saturday 16 February 2013


Valentine's Day All Year Round February Chart Part 1

  1. A/T/O/S    A Taste Of Struggle (Orig & Commodo Remix)    Deep Medi
  2. Darondo Ft. Tall Black Guy  I Dont Want To Leave (Re Edit)  Luv'N Haight
  3. Owiney Sigoma  Nyiduonge Drums  Brownswood
  4. V/A     Freedom Jazz France   Heavenly Sweetness
  5. Doc Daneeka   Sketches Of You EP    20_20 Midnight Visions
  6. Dandy Teru   Adventures LP    Ubiquity
  7. Milton Jackson  Dont Worry About The Drums  Dark Energy
  8. Gorgon City   Thor   CDR
  9. Mirrors  Dip You (LPZ & C.O.N.E Remixes)   Loungin'
10. V/A   Ouroboros Comp   Innovative Leisure
11. Yør   Sublimation    Purple Maze
12. Blackjob   Trashdub Remixed   Original Cultures
13. Henry Rodrick   Into The Sun    1F 
14. D Tiberio   Lie EP   CDR
15. Yosi Horikawa   Whispers From An Angel  First Word
16. Jus Now   One Time  Gutterfunk
17. J Dilla  Anthem  Stonesthrow 
18. Little Big Orchestra  Toys & Diamonds  Good Ratio
19. Jack Dixon  Those Questions EP  White Asega
20. Tony Lionni  When Time Began   Freerange 
21. Motor City Drum Ensemble  Send A Prayer EP   Faces / MCDE
22. V/A  Record Kicks 10th   Record Kicks
23. V/A   Talking House Vol.1   Local Talk
24. Tableek   Tabula Rasa 7''  Faces
25. Richta  God Lookd Down  Well Rounded
26. Neve Naive  The Inner Peace Of Cat & Bird  Sonar Kollektiv
27. Space Out Family  Debut EP   Lovemonk Rec
28. T-Roy & Sulene Fleming  A New Love (Khyan Remix)  Broadcite
29. Bodhi Culture  (Bambounou Remix)   Grizzly
30. Mala ft. Danay  Noche Sueños (Superdub versions)  CDR

Wednesday 30 January 2013


A Kick In The Balls  January Chart Part 2

  1. A Made Up Sound  Ahead   AMS
  2. Various Artists  Future Foundations  2nd Drop
  3. Osunlade  A Man With No Past Originating The Future LP  Yoruba Soul
  4. R1 Ryders   Low Tread  Current
  5. Various Artists Night Slugs Allstars Vol. 2    Night Slugs
  6. Axel Boman  Television People  Hypercolour
  7. Various Artists  Soul Spectrum Records Vol.1   Jazzman
  8. Emilie Nana  Like You (I-Robots Reconstruction)  Compost Black Label
  9. XXXY   Got Me So   Rinse
10. Falty DL  Hardcourage LP  (Ninja Tune) 
11. Danny Scrilla  Magellanic Clouds (Deft Remix)   Civil
12. Tokimonsta Feat. Kool Keith   The Force  CDR
13. Justin Martin & Eats Everything  Feather Fight EP  Hypercolour
14. Ishmael  Want You   Wolf
15. Chris Dave & The Drumhedz   Mixtape  CDR
16. Dom  Do It Right (Kilc Remix)  877
17. Bocca Grande  Below My Hands (Artifact Remix)  Rebirth
18. Hundred Strong & Joseph Malik All Aint The Same LP  High Noon
19. Kry Wolf  Workin Hard  Food Music
20. Moiré  Never Sleeps EP   Werk Discs

02.01   Basel    Switzerland
02.02   Strasbourg    France
08.02   Notting Hill Arts Club    London
09.02   Mala In Cuba  Leipzig Germany 
14.02  Mala In Cuba   UK
15.02  Mala In Cuba   Glascow
16.02  Mala In Cuba   Leeds
22.02  Kontrapunkt    Zagreb  Croatia
23.02  Kiosk Club      Liile    France
03.03  Hackney       London

Saturday 12 January 2013


And You Don't Stop January Chart Part 1

  1. Jesse Futerman  Cry Of the Wolf / Grand National Champs CDR 
  2. Yöt   The Cure feat.  Soom T     Raha & Tunteet
  3. Brisa  Flare EP  Reverse
  4. Phony Ppl  NothinG Special   CDR
  5. C.R.S.R Vs Chesus  Monster Much EP   Local Talk
  6. Breezy Lovejoy  8oom 8ap  CDR
  7. Altered Natives  Tenement Yards Vol.3  Eye4Eye
  8. Leon Vynehall  Rosalind  WRHP
  9. Aaron B  Woo Woo   CDR
10. Ital Tek  Hyper Real (Deft Remix)   Civil
11. Various Artists  Deeper Shades Of House Vol.3   Deeper Shades
12. Skudge / Different World  Lost Archive 1  Indigo Area
13. V/A  Rita Maia Presents Sine Of The Time  Juno
14. Ossie  Various Dubz  CDR
15. Randee Jean  You Got It (Dex & Awanto Remixes)  Clone 
16. Low Jack  Free Pyjamas  Delsin
17. Dj Heny G  Child Hood LP  CDR
18. Offshore  Bake Haus LP  Big Dada
19. Kyodai   Moving EP  Local Talk
20. Various Artists  Field 09   Field
21. Kirkis  Various  CDR
22. The Phantom  When I Found Out  Your Mama's Friend
24. Dj Day  Land Of 1000 Chances LP  CDR
25. Salvatore Agrosi  I Want You (D-Malice Remix) DM

01.19   Worldwide Awards @ Koko's   London
02.01   Basel    Switzerland
02.02   Strasbourg    France
08.02   Notting Hill Arts Club    London
09.02   Mala In Cuba  Leipzig Germany 
14.02  Mala In Cuba   UK
15.02  Mala In Cuba   UK
16.02  Mala In Cuba   UK
22.02  Kontrapunkt    Zagreb  Croatia
23.02  Kiosk Club      Liile    France