Sunday 29 May 2011

May Chart Part 2

Some Turkish Delights Again May Chart Part 2

1. Virgo Four Its A Crime (Caribou Remix) Rush Hour
2. PolyRythm Ft. A .Salih You In Mind (Fabio Genito Mixes) Offering
3. Finn Peters Purple / Yellow CDR
4. Incarnations Make Me Mine (Wareika Mix) Lovemonk
5. Various Artists The Big 3 Comp Exchange Bureau
6. DNS The Revival EP Vol.1 Future Soul
7. Red Rack'em Feel My Tears EP Bergerac
8. Ooft Mazin CDR
9. Various Artists All School Flavor Vol.1 Laid Back
10. Version Nothing (Atjazz Mixes) Miso
11. Rainer Trueby Welcome To Our World CDR
12. Baobinga & Kowton Proper Build
13. Christo Nu Bits CDR
14. Bumpariddim Hot Pantz CDR
15. Blaq Soul Gone To Tzahiri (Zulu Dance Mix) CDR
16. Bop The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel LP Med School
17. V/A Mpese Mpese / Fine Woman / Jungle Magic Sofrito
18. Janner Proteus CDR
19. Switch Groove Exp. Bon Tres Bien (Simbad Remix) BAB
20. Klub Sandwich Les Valcheuses Mini-LP CDR

Thursday 26 May 2011


Landing straight to London from Turkey wid my man Lefto, u know that its gonna b a hooooooot 1 !!!

Friday 20 May 2011

JE NE SAIS QUOI This Saturday !!!

Aaaaaah yes thats right i almost 4got !! JE NE SAIS QUOI party with my good friend (and disco mentor !!!) Jeremy Newall, expect some rare ass vinyl boogie, funk & disco as well as the best deep house thrown in da mix for that one !! And then straight off 2 da Broadcite party...

Monday 16 May 2011

Broadcite Lare Nite Sessions 21/05

Honestly BROADCITE crew's monthly nite is one of the best musically & vibe-wise, expect all things bruk, house, bass & funky with the right amount of soulful sexyness ... ;-)

Friday 13 May 2011

Sunsplash Antalya 2011

Fancy a niiiiice musical holiday on the Turkish Seaside ??? Yeeeeees im dooooown babeeee ... ;-)

WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL 2011 (Sete, France) (Line Up)

Fancy a fantaaaastic musical holiday with good vibes, sea, sunshine, friends & good food ?? See you there ! ONLY 100 passes left !!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaargh !! :-D

Thursday 12 May 2011

Tuesday 10 May 2011

May Chart Part 1

London Spring Showers May Chart Part 1

1. Hazel Fantastic CDR
2. Jack Dixon Seventy-Six (Sepulcure Mix) CDR
3. Mount Kimbie Carbonated EP Hotflush
4. Exist Looking At Blue CDR
5. Mosca Done Me Wrong CDR
6. Mr Beatnick Synthetes EP CDR
7. Neon Jung Just Cant Leave It Alone Magic WIre
8. Jeremy Ellis Unlike Any Other / Double Hommage Exchange Bureau
9. Soundspecies Banama Project Round In Motion
10. Africa Hi-Tech 93 Millions Miles LP Warp
11. Emalkay Eclipse LP Dub Police
12. Jumping Back Slash Kwaai Sneakers Pollinate
13. Stagga The Dragon / The Black Hole Rag & Bone
14. Skream Rigging Disfigured Dubz
15. Charles Webster Ft Diviniti Learning To Love Me (CW Dub) Miso
16. Bloodfire VS Labelle Untittled CDR
17. Art Of Tones Too Much RWAV
18. Landslide Dig Deeper (Alternative Mix) Round The Houses
19. Osunlade Pyrography LP Yoruba
20. Tuccillo Invisible Rebirth
21. T.Willians In The Deep (Zander Hardy Remix) Deep Teknologi
22. Com Truise Fairlight CDR
23. A1 Bassline Falsehood Tighten Up
24. Slick Shoota Pussyclot Funk Dem CDR
25. Mala & Simbad Guerrero ruff CDR

Wednesday 4 May 2011


Just got back from La Havana (via Madrid for a gig, big up Lovemonk, K'Bonus, Barbara, Lefto & Frank) ... Of all the places that i've had the pleasure to discover, Cuba is probably my favorite... Its so uniiiiiiique !!!!! I went there with Gilles Peterson, Mala & Vince Vella to produce the next Havana Cultura album (to be released on Brownswood Rec. in autumn) and to record cuban musicians & singers including Roberto Fonseca & band, Aldeanos, Danay, Doble Filo, Changuito, Ostalgia & many more talented artists...
10 days of full on studio including a few days of discovery, interviews & photoshoots, and a even a craaaaaaazy dj gig where Mala & i played some dubstep, house & all things UK to a young mesmerised cuban crowd (they were hearing this music for the 1st time ever !!). Even the cops who came to shut down da party didnt do it & stayed to check it hahaha...
What a trip i tell ya !!! We were hosted by François from Havana Club who brought us to the best places to eat & coordinated our stay there. Tropical weather (Caribbeans) all the way ... The studio we used was also fabulous... Kinda like the big studios in Philadelphia, with big wooden rooms (you could easily put a full orchestra + strings in the main studio!!) and all analog gear, 70's microphones & big large mixing desks, i was in heaven !!! All recorded on 24 inch tapes too ! Heeeeeaven for sound hahaha :-)
Despite the intense recording schedule i still managed to check out a bit of the town and ooooh my days, all these old cars from the 50's & 60's everywhere !!! You dont see that nowhere else !! There's hardly any internet in Cuba and if you have it, its SUPA slow... And despite the friendly & peaceful atmosphere its still remains a dictature... Cubans can hardly travel outside the island (no boats on the horizon) , express fully their thoughts in arts or even have email access in an easy way... Poverty is kind of omnipresent (if you check out the 'barrios' , and not only in Havana Vieja) but peope are well educated ... Increeeeeeeeedible mix of skin colors that makes it a very beautiful nation (imho), and of course the women are gorgeous there hahaaa !! All in all an amazing experience and hopefully i'll be back to check even more places in Cuba. Cuba es la vida !! Viva Cuba !!! :-D

Massive props to : François & Alice, Gilles & Simon, Oreste, Rebecca, Ornell & Abdalla Studio crew, Edgaro, Jo-Ivan & all the djs, all the singers and musicians that i met, the lovely Eyleen (great guide !), Lea & Ricardo from the film crew, Youri Lenquette the bad ass photographer, the french journalists, Vince, Mala (world premiere LOL !!), all the people that inspired me there...