Friday 6 December 2013


Never Give Up Fighting For Freedom November Chart

  1. Zed Bias   Boss LP   Swamp 81 
  2. Andy Mac  Regular & Irregular EP   Idle Hands
  3. Egyptrixx  A/B Til Infinity LP   Night Slugs
  4. EVM128   Beyond  Studio Rockers 
  5. V/A  Selected & COmpiled by Fred P    White
  6. Lord Echo   Curiosities LP    Bastard Jazz
  7. Bok Bok & Tom Trago  Various Nu  CDR
  8. Kaytronik   I Got It Bad   ARC
  9. Simon Baker  Arpy EP   NoFitState
10. V/A    5 Years   Deeper Shades
11. HNNY   Tears EP   Local Talk
12. KRL   The Game    WOLF 
13. Farah   Pieced Apart    Don't Be Afraid
14. Dj Haus   Addicted To Houz   HotShit
15. Buzzin 10   Bleakest Rave   Well Rounded
16. V/A   The MC / Son EP      Stilove4Music
17. Atjazz & Jullian Gomez   The Gift The Curse LP    ARC
18. Moresounds  Moresounds EP    APHA
19. Tsunga   Feisar   DVA Music
20. Akra   Pure    Rebirth
21. Nguzunguzu  Various Nu  Fade To Mind
22. Boxcutter  Gnosis EP    
23. Lakosa & Rick Grant     Static   Tender Hooks
24. Ragz Nordset  You Started All  (Emerson Twin Remix)  NuNorthern Soul
25. V/A   Retroperspective 4   RWAV
26. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra   Amsterdam Zest  LSR
27. J.A.N   Make It Funky    Dopeness Galore
28. Simon Harrison  Toy Dogs  CDR
29. Asheru   Sleepless In Soweto LP   Guerilla Arts Ink
30. Joe  Club Scared  Hemlock
31. Basic Soul Unit   Headlong  Lab.Our
32. SwamiMillion   Droids  Ten Eight Seven
33. Si Tew  Maricaibo  CDR
34. Miajica  Wild Barrabas   White
35. Imami Madhouse EP  APC
36. AfroBuddha  Zone EP   Round In Motion
37. Ganz  Purple Forest  CDR
38. Kez YM   Amplified Soul    Faces
39. Jamie XX  Sleep Sound  CDR
40. Giovanca   Lockdown (Simbad 12'' Disco Mix)   CDR