Saturday 26 March 2011

March Chart Part 2

People Start Protesting March Chart Part 2

1. Burial Street Halo / Stolen Dog / NYC Hyperdub
2. Mike Dehnert Framework LP Delsin
3. Klic & Lokiboi Wont CDR
4. Donso Space Goni Comet
5. Holygrailers Zeppelin CDR
6. Greymatter Tesla Wolf
7. Funkystepz Shocker Instr. CDR
8. Jumping Back Slash Storms CDR
9. Hervé Together (C.R.S.T Remix) CDR
10. Andre Lodemann Dont Panic EP RWAV
11. Morphosis What Have We Learned LP M.O.S
12. XXXY Kerpow CDR
13. Peverlist Fundamentals Hessle Audio
14. Mo Kolours Various CDR
15. Addison Groove Its Got Me 3024
16. Ossie Creepy Crawlies Light Works
17. Maurice Donovan Babeh SSSSSS
18. Lone Echolocations EP R&S
19. Falty DL Mean Streets EP Swamp81
20. Afronaut I Will Not CDR
21. Soul Renegades Y'all Wont Let Me Instr. Of Rapture
22. I.D & Skinnz The Most High Earwax
23. Melon Four Seasons Part 2 Ratio?
24. Ricardo Miranda Floorwax EP HHIYR
25. Mushroom Boyz Vendette (Jungle Fungi Dub) Smooth Agent
26. Fredericks Brown Land Of Plenty EP Milk & Jazz
27. Subeena 23 EP Opit
28. Dj Oil Burn It Fluid Ounce
29. Overlast Various Dubz CDR
30. Klub Sandwich Klub Sandwich LP CDR

01/04 Los Angeles USA
02/04 The Lift (with J.Sole, Wiseacre & Ron Trent) Los Angeles USA
03/04 The End Up San Francisco USA
04/04 Deep Space @ Cielo (with François K) New York USA
06/04 Atlanta (TBC) USA
07/04 Found Love @ Sapphire (All Donations To Japan) New York USA
08/04 Miami (TBA) USA
09/04 Redshield Party (With Chuck Maurice) San Juan Puerto Rico
10/04 San Juan Puerto Rico
16/04 Je Ne Sais Quoi Party (with F.McQuinn) London UK
20 - 30/04 C U B A !!!!
01/05 Club Goa (Lovemonk Party) Madrid Spain

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