Thursday 29 April 2010

From Detroit to Oakland & LA

 Daaaaaamn Detroit can be grimm. All these empty buildings in da city & neighborhoods wid empty houses when u drive around, and u have all those factory signs from Ford, GM, Cadillac etc... pretty crazy... But but but !!! What a gr8 city too ! Nuff good people & obviously some of the best electronic & soul music comes from there... Had the pleasure to spin @ Macy's after a dope set by Josh from Exchange Bureau (check dis label), not jam packed but still a good party, even Billy Love turned up 4 a dance, supa cool :-) . Nxt day recorded a nu tune wid my friend Paul Randolph and in da evening (after a delightful meal cooked by Josh's grlfriend Kat) we went to see Carl Craig who was spinning on 12''s only (no computer or cds, just vinyl) for Lafleur's & Co. birthday bash party @ a small bar/club (cant remember da name of da place & da party soz) and that was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD , Carl smaaaashed it wid some techno & house flavours, gee what a niiiite !!!! Gr8 2 meet a lot of the Detroit folks & see familiar dj faces... Mad props to Josh, Kat, Paul K, Paul R, Billy (da papa !!), Theo, Mike Clark, Carl (where's my copy ?? lol), Kyle, Kristen ... 
 Then sat nite straight to Oakland (California) for the BEST party in da Bay Area NO DOUBT !!! Anotha faaaaaaaaantastic nite amongst Dj Cali, Cecil & Be Browm, the club New Parrish was totally full by midnite (da queue was going around the block) and every1 was dancin' 'till da end, went house/bruk/hiphop/dubstep etc... to an openmind dancefloor full of sexy laaaaaaadies , seriously mad props to every1 who helped & made it 2 da party, The People alwaaaaaaaays delivers the best vibes. 
Sunday ace BBQ @ Cali & Amy's house, good food, chess & dominoes battles all day & beautiful peeps poppin' over, thats da way 2 relax on sundays sometimes :-) ... Big love to Chris & Amy, Cecil, Brendon, Aybee & Brenna, Houmou (where were u grl ???) & all whom i met... 
Last nite in LA was ace too, hanged out wid my brotha Om Mas (SA-RA Creative Partners) in his studio on the hills of Silverlake and listened to his nu album (comin out on Plug Research soon) some quality cosmic sex funk & 80's boogie vibes, wasnt too sure about the vocoder effect on some of his voice but thats me... Was mad fun still & had the pleasure to finally meet Shafiq Husayn who was there too... Thanx to TP Carter for being my host in LA &  also to Eduardo mi hermano, nxt stop LONDON town woooooooop missin' my studio badly !!! 1 luv

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