Wednesday 6 January 2010

Earth, Wind & Fire & Snow in Zagreb

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ???? Earth, Wind & Fire liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive ????? Shortly after Seiji & i landed in a mist of Croatian blizzard, we went to check the LEGENDARY band on the main square of Zagreb center with Eddy (who just got back from Japan da same day), Jozef & his wife Mima ... AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIN' ! !!!!!! Every year da city organises a free live concert outdoors on this Bank Holiday Day (the 3 Kings as its called there) . We were screamin on the classic songs wid a few otha thousands while EWF was groooooooovin' ridiculously with most of da original members, and all this under hardcore snowflakes flyin from above... Yep yep yep, increeeeeeedible show no doubt... So tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight !!! Then after a tasty italian meal we headed straight 2 da club Aquarius 4 a brillaaaaaaaant nite. Bruk, house, fonky, dubstep, jungle, disco, dancehall, jazz, da dancefloor kept busy as Eddy, Seiji & i went back 2 back until 5 am,  vibes were floooooowin with loads of girls and smiles around, maaaaan that was a seriously gr8 party ! So nice 2 see youngsters gettin down on some good music... 
The return was a bit of a mess as all flights were delayed but we managed 2 grab the best food u could ever get in a an airport (@ Zagreb Airport go to the left side restaurant upstairs & get the squid, its totally riiiiiiiiiiidiculously good) ...
 Massive big up 2 Eddy Ramich & Seiji , massive love 2 all da peeps that came & massive reeeeeeespect 2 E,W&F 4 keepin it real still !

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