Wednesday 27 January 2010

Madrid (Churros wid Chocolate!)

Yes big massive thanx to every1 who made it @ club Charada & to dj's Javi Bayo & Barbara Lakalash (that back 2 back @ da end was nice guyz !), funnily enuff da police came 2 stop da party @ 3.30 am (!!!!???) but went carried on 'till 5 as soon as they left... The best ending was da breakfast wid fresh churros & hot chocolate...
 Delicious :-)
Shout & love to Jose & Catarina, the lovely ELodie, my man Marcial & of course Philipa 4 da hospitality... Asta luego mi amigos !

leavin u wid dis crazy video about a guy makin vinyl wid chocolate !!!! check it :

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