Thursday 1 September 2011

August Chart Part 2

Quiet Carnival Aug Chart Part 2

1. Hudson Mohawke VS Busta (Lefto Mashuo) CDR
2. Actual Proof The Grit EP Local Talk
3. Daz-I-Kue Various Nu CDR
4. Guy Andrews Unita Discobelle
5. Champion Lighter VIP Formula
6. Wbeeza Bagwag EP 3rd Ear
7. Aardvarck Anti-Concept LP Eat
8. Trevino Chip 3024
9. 123Mrk No Name EP IM
10. Jook 10 Hazard We R Bass
11. Bonobo Various Nu CDR
12. Bok Bok Various Nu CDR
13. Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band Rubber Orchestras LP H Sweetness
14. Funky Stepz John Wayne Hyperdub
15. Radiohead Bloom (Blawan Remix) Tick
16. Distal Angry Acid EP Tectonic
17. Youthman The Gate CDR
18. Jack Dixon Low TIde CDR
19. Klic Dachshund Skank Remixes Hit & Hope
20. Cooly G & Simbad Landscapes Hyperdub

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