Sunday 11 September 2011

LA : The Lift

LeFtO Films: THE LIFT - LOS ANGELES, CA from Lefto on Vimeo.

Mad journey and lack of sleeeeeep dis week, after Sacramento we went to San Francisco, Lefto had a gig @ Eve's Lounge and i went to play Foxy (strictly house music !) in San Jose (90 min train ride, south bay area) which was cool, then back to San Fran b4 flying to Los Angeles. Ok. Let me say this... As a dj i'd say that It doesnt get much better then when ur able to play the music that u want in an open air space, with a great sound-system and lovely people who came here to dance and have a good time... 'til the early morning hours...
And thats exactly what The Lift party in LA was about friday nite !!! Our hosts (and friends!!) Wiseacre and Jeremy Sole (both dope djs !!) really created their party in a true spirit, being all about the vibes & the people... The legendary Marcus Wyatt brought the deep house orishas before Lefto & i played and maaaaaaan, we mad fun behind the decks ! Thanx to everyone who came and made it a very special event...!
Massive shouts and blessings to : Jeremy & Eric, Carolyn, Jonathan, Marcus da papa, Josh aka Dj Expo, Anthony Valadez (gr8 spot in Venice beach!), Rick & Cara, Eduardo & Mystie, Alex (tu sabes !!!), Cracka Dawn (the sexiest cali b-girl), Novena & Derek, Reggae Pops the one and only...

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