Saturday 8 September 2012

September Chart Part 1

The Mysteries Of Love Sept Chart Part 1

  1. Kid Sublime The Womb feat. Aja Monet   CDR
  2. Truenoys   We Been Waitin'   Lovemonk
  3. V/A  Spiritual Jazz Vol. 3  Jazzman
  4. Hizatron & Bashley  Discharge EP  Wigflex
  5. Fudge Fingas  S.V.T EP   Rush Hour
  6. El Verano   Last Dance Of The Warriors  DM
  7. Stereotyp   Various Nu Riddims  CDR
  8. Mizgir  Surya  ARC
  9. Arp 101 & Elliott Yorke  Fluro Black EP   Donky Pitch
10. V/A  The Boogie Vol. 3   Tokyo Dawn
11. The Rongetz Foundation  Brooklyn Butterfly EP  Heavenly Sweetness
12. Unspecified Enemies   Multi Oridnal Tracking Unit  EP (Numbers)
13. V/A  Brownswood Electric Vol. 3    Brownswood
14. Basic Soul Unit   Mindstorm / Swept   NonPlus
15. Funkineven feat. Fatima  Phoneline (Dauwd Edit)  CDR
16. Shur-I-Kan  In The Groove  Dark Energy
17. Joe  Studio Power On    Hemlock
18. Triumph feat. Valldeneu  Discover (Jimmy Edgar Remix)  Rebirth
19. Simon/off   Take It Back EP   Disko
20. Old Apparatus  Alfur EP   Sullen Tone 
21. Randomer  We Laugh We Scream EP    Hemlock
22. Sonar Pilot  Open House    SPAR
23. Kelpe  Bags Of Time EP  SVET
24. Fulgeance  Step Thru  LP    RX-TX
25. Mutabaraka  This Poem  (Irfan & Simbad Remix)  CDR

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