Wednesday 21 October 2009


Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... Daaaaaaaaamn what a gr8 past few dayz !!! Friday nite big warehouse party wid Chaka, Yosaku & Eric Wisacre in this huge space (outdoor patio and all that) , sound wasnt amazin inside but was still fun 2 do back 2 back all nite wid Domu, he had 2 leave straight away @ 5 am 2 catch his plane @ 6 am 2 Memphis, craaaaaaaazy... Then saturday went 2 San Diego, 3 hours on da Amtrak train from Union St (dis train station is da most beautiful ive seen, all wooden roof & proper leather harmchairs, its like a giant library...), dj Beatnick came 2 pick me up, spun @ his hip hop party in Bar Dyniamite (so many hotties !!!) and then we went to play @ Candela, Marques Wyatt was playin house in da main room so we just dropped disco, boogie & hip hop flavaz, was mad fun... Not much sleep after Beatnick brought me to eat @ an amaaaaaaaaaaazin sea food place, we had some 'cerviche' & i had a tasty calamar sandwich, then we hit da road in his car to LA 4 da Do-Over party... WAAAAAAAAAAOW... Laaaaaaaaaadies !!!! Good viiiiiiiiiiibes @ da Do-Over (nice outdoor party in Hollywood) !!!!! Janeiro J. (aka Dr Who Dat) was playin when we arrived, then Benji B took over 4 90 min of dilla/danger zone boogie/deep house & bit of funky while Aloe Blak was hostin on da mic, one of da CDJ was really fcked so we both struggled a bit on that 1 but still...
i took over around 7.30 and carried on da dance ;-) and Computer Jay finished wid a classic hiphop set... Then food wid Hossein & Michelle & then crashed @ Eduardo's in Downtown LA in his dope loft space... Claaaaaaass !! i'll write about monday & da Voodoo nite 2moro, just got arrived in NY now and need 2 lie down... Mad props 2 every1 i met & saw, Nnenna, Aloe, Domu, Beatnick, Kyle, Chaka, Hossein, Eric, Jeremy, Tamara, Mary, Jamie & Stonesthrow fam, Janeiro, Jay, Eduarto & Mistie, Ron, Charlie Rock, Ivan G ( yes iiii !!!), Wajeed & Jackie, Benji, Michelle & all of you x nuff luv x

Do Over set


  1. salut mon ici Boris de Ruba kpo hahahhaa !!!!
    Je me regale à la lecture de tes posts ! mais à aucun moment je n'ai pu lire une ligne sur nos tracks ! bizarre non ?
    bises, and keep on posting brotha

  2. I wanna be there enjoying with you bro'!



  3. Dope set. Who did that remix of Mary J. Blige - Mary Jane (all night long)?