Thursday 8 October 2009

Brazil i love u !!!

Waaaaaaaaow what an amaaaaaaazing trip !!!! Just got back from Rio, ridiculous vibes om Copacabana beach da day they announced the city won the 2016 Olympics hosting, thousands and thousands of half naked peeps dancin' 2 da sound of Samba !!! Was like Carnival but earlier LOL 
Was lucky 2 stay @ a friends place in Santa Teresa, just above the center and not far from the hectic Lapa district where most of the clubs are... Had da privilege to go to a Candomble last saturday (Yoruba Ceremony, its like the Cuban Santeria...) in da ruffest suburbs of Rio (was like being in Bamako or Dakar in a way...)  and really felt the energies there, everyone wearing white & most of the people falling into a trance state while the bata drummers and chantings would go on for hours and hours... Truly profound experience i tell u ! !!!!
Sao Paulo (massive babylon, 20-25 millions habitants) was great too, ended up playin @ 2 parties, one being da legendary Sunday Sessions with my brother Rafael Moraes from the Nomumbah crew, good house music & da best caparihnas too ;-) (happy birthday libra brother Rogeeeeeer !!!!!)  Big up dj Tahira & Leo for da last minute set on saturday, beautiful crowd & got 2 drop some faves hiphop & disco joints, respex to Abilio Samuel from Subcultura, thanx 2 Tete & Chico & Glenda & Rafa of course, man we gotta finish that tune we started !!!

Nxt stop is da US

Dom Um Romao


  1. DARLING! Finally you have a blog I can refer to! Nice to see you had a good time :) Hope all is well with you. Much love! Orsi x

  2. Big up, je savais pas que tu savais ecrire...

    Quel talent sacré Simbad. :)


  3. Massiv,

    après les morceaux que tu m'a laissés, j'imagine l'ambiance....
    Mais la vie est ainsi faite, Rio & Sao j'ai kiffé, j'y retourne Nov.



  4. brazil.......que dire si ce n est que sourire bro

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