Wednesday 2 November 2011

Cooly G feat. Simbad 'Landscapes' (Hyperdub 2011)

So yes, now there's a video for Cooly G's single from her forthcoming album on Hyperdub. We recorded quite a few dope tunes in my studio in da past couple years and im really glad that she's gettin more attention, top female dj/producer & singer... The b-side of the 12'' is featuring my brother Karizma & its serious indeed :-) Go Cooly !!

1 comment:

  1. SImbad!!!!! Its Hermes, your boy from PR, Trafico PEsado and Elevadooooor!!!!!!!! Dude, when u comin back??? Gotta tell u, we're connected even if we dont see each other!!! Just saw you hittin it wit my boys from Cuba, Al2, El Bi (Los Aldeanos) and my homie, Silvito El Libre!!!! and Anonimo COnsejo!!!! I met them in 2009, when i went 2 Cuba to study and I recorded on one of their albums!!! those are my boys and so are you!!1 get back to me and send me your phone I'm at, hit me up, buddy, and come back to PR!!! Tons of luv, mate!!!