Thursday 14 April 2011

US Trip

Pheeeeeeeeew anotha 2 weeks spent mainly in planes hahahaaaa !!!! Just got back from the States, i'll try to break it down nice & shortly dis time ...

LA : Aaaaaaah what a tremeeeeeendous party that is The Lift !!!! Huuuuge warehouse space in Downtown LA with a super dope sound system it was another claaaaassic gathering, we stopped playin around 6 am so yeah, really good nite... I was guesting with Ron Trent who did a nice soulful set (throwing some afro & funk vibes in the mix), i went a bit more experimental wid some of the UK bass pressure but we dfntly had an open minded crowd there thanx to Jeremie Sole & Eric Wiseacre who have constantly bring good djs for the love of music . Massive thanx to Eduardo Castillo & Mistie, Eric, Jeremie + all The Lift crew, TP Carter, Hossein & all the friends i saw thru the nite.

SF : Few hours sleep then straight from the O hotel to LAX then landed in San Francisco a hour later, then hotel then dinner (OOOOOOH MY DAAAAAYS !!! BEST SUSHI in SF ????? HELL YEAH !!!! I tried Eel with chocolate sauce wich was absolutely mind blowing !!!) then straight to th Club, the legendary End Up... A real institution (i think its also one of the longuest running club there) with a great dancefloor, a wicked outdoor patio & a few spread areas with bars, lights & creatures of the night :-) i had mad fun behind the decks... What i love about this place is that it really draws people from every background at random late hours and every1 is mainly there to dance and to enjoy the sound. Was a deep sunday and all things house that session... Big ups to Carolyn Lotus, Dj Cali, Monica, Raheim & all Sunday Sessions crew.

NYC : Another club to club mission that one !!!! Straight from JFK to club Cielo after a 6 hours flight maaaaan i got there a bit late but hey what can you do ? Started my set around 11.30 ish while François was setting up, couple hours later the Deep Space 'papa' took over and again it was a honor to play there. Wasnt my best performance as i was still messed up from my lack of sleep and plane trips but surprisingly amazing feedback... I guess the people who come to this nite are also super open héhé ... Got time to hang out in NYC a bit (isnt spring the best season there??) and even got invited to check out that mad theatral performance called Sleep No More... (Interesting but confusing play...) . Then thursday was the new Found Love party with Cato, John Dill & Wiseacre @ the lovely Sapphire lil' club, all donations went to Direct Relief For Japan & was a really great atmosphere all nite, dancefloor hardly stopped :-)
Massive shouts to Nat & Busquelo family ladies, Triphina Wilson, Athena, Jay Locke, Op Miller, François & Erica, Eric, Amon, John, Cato, Nicky, Emma, Julija, Colin, Nickodemus (lets finish that tune !!!), Dan Dancer, Yotam and everybody i met & that came to the shows . T H A N K Y O U !!!!

San Juan (Puerto Rico) : Kinda my second home here in San Juan, been coming here for years and bwoooy its changing fast somehow !!! My brother Chuck Maurice runs his club Red Shield (also a restaurant with a top class menu) and brings the "Creme de la Creme" when it comes to electronic dance music, while getting the locals bands involved for live evenings too, cant have nuff praises for Chucky... Saturday nite was a random one, not too busy but always peeps on the dancefloor somehow... started @ 1.30 am and finished @ 6am on the dot... Didnt even feel my set was that long... We got the next few days to vibe in Chucky's lab & finally finish a nu tune (B-Side for the nxt single ???) so yeah, no time for the beach dis time !!
Props to Juan Mauricio Rojas, Rossy, the cooks & staff @ Red Shield, Manuel & every1 who came down saturday...

Miami : Ok im just gonna say 1 thing... I had the BEEEEEEEEEEEST Ceviche EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER in Miaaaaaaamiiiiii !!! Yep yep yep true... If you ever can make it check out CVI CHE 105 in Downtown Miami, its the real Peruvian deal... Had the most amaaaaazin lunch & the desserts were off the hooooooook as well !!!! SUPA THANX to my man Eric Paredes, Nadia (get better hun !!), Ramon (no mo' JetSki, only whips & whipes LOL !!!) & Shelly, Santiago & all Miami fam... Was a great stop before coming back 2 LDN...
Nxt week is CUBA !!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES !!!!!! :-D

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