Wednesday 9 February 2011

February Chart Part 1

Everyday Is Valentine's Day February Chart Part 1

1 . Pangaea Wont Hurt / Inna Daze Hessle Audio

2 . Joie Noire LP 1 CDR

3 . Jeff Alexander Come Wander With Me (Boddhi Satva Remix) CDR

4 . Funkystepz Fuller Hyperdub

5 . Bnjmn Plastic World LP Rush Hour

6 . Afrikan Sciences Means & Ways LP Deepblak Rec

7 . Various Artists Mosaics Vol 1 Exit

8 . Chris Turner & Phantom Lover FlyLOVE CDR

9 . Tom Middleton Cicadas EP Defected

10. System Funk ft Aqeel Destiny (Atjazz Remix) Loud East

11. Cosmin TRG Izolat 50 Weapons

12. French Fries Laquisha EP Yungunz

13. 1000 Names Kaleidoscope Acre

14. Various Artists Elevation 50 Comp Elevation

15. Hizatron Von Glooperstein Fat City

16. Rise Messages LP Futuristica

17. Boohgaloo Zoo Come To This (Aardvarck Pig Dub) Lovemonk

18. Ill Blu Overdose NMBRS

19. Coki Carbon Aliens Tempa

20. Illy Santana Transborder (Letherette Remix) Eskimo

21. Marcel Dettman Factory Report 1 Kontra Mokira

22. Shigeto Sacrificial (Om Unit Remix) CDR

23. The Oliverwho Factory Galactic Transit Rush Hour

24. Various Artists Soulection Compilation CDR

25. Simbad Come Join In (Bertrand Dupart + QB Mixes) Defected


  1. Hey Simbad, first of all, thank you for all the good moments you've provided for all these years! ;)

    Now...I'm going nuts trying to find your re-edit on the Chris Turner & Phantom Lover's FlyLOVE...where can i get that?!

    Keep up.

  2. Great music, yes, where can one find your edit of Fly Love?

  3. guys leave ur email address i'll send x

  4. Hey simbad,

    Thanks for that, very kind of you.
    My address is:

  5. yes simbad...your flylove re-edit is MASSIVE. big ups 4 sharing the luv.

    please send it on to


  6. hey, simbad. i'd like a copy, as well, of your re-edit of "flylove", when you get second, please. here's my email address:

    thanks in advance. :)

  7. Hey, simbad
    i'd like a copy of your re-edit of "flylove", thanks a lot

    my email address:

    much respect

  8. Hi Simbad,

    like to add your edit of FlyLOVE to the next edition of my monthly podcast.

    My email address:


    Frantic Freddie