Monday 27 September 2010

Upnorth Love

Always love travellin' & playin' upnorth, peeps are warmer then in UK's capital & usually ready to party haaaaaaard yooooo... Massive thanx to Bruce Q in Birmingham who showed his cookin skills, was gr8 2 c Colonel Red aka Redz in da building & catch up a bit wid him. Beane's party in Nottingham saturday nite was fantastic, Charles & i played some serious deep house shizzle but dropped many disco/boogie joints & hiphop & soul & latin & more goodies to a wonderful crowd, really felt good in that Moog joint (despite a very dodgy equipement...!). Charles missus Kaori also cooked some amazin pizzas so i guess that inspired us too thru our musical selection haha :-) ,
got 2 Manchester last nite & hooked up wid Chimpo (bad ass dubstep producer), in 3hours we layed down a nice little 134 bpm joint, might actually test it 2nite @ the Hit & Run party with Mala, Jakes & Deadboy... Should be fun !

1 comment:

  1. Nice one Simbad. Was good to meet you and listen to your tunes at Moog sir.

    John (Cyclonix)