Wednesday, 21 September 2011

San Francisco : The Lift

LeFtO Films: San Francisco at SOM SF from Lefto on Vimeo.

Yes just wanna post that marvellous little vid' that my partner in crime Lefto did when we were in da US last week, San Francisco was indeeeeeed a great vibe, its dfntly one of my favorite cities in the world ... So cali yet so dffrnt yet so diverse... Love it.
Massive shouts to all my Oakland fam who crossed the bridge especially for that nite, was good to see you all !!

Thanx to : Julio & the boys for the crib hook-up , Carolyn our dopest US agent, Jeremy, Wiseacre & Jonathan, Papa Marques (yooo we wont come back 2 that italian restaurant nxt to Som no more !!! Where's my fish LOL) , Amy, Cali, Damian & co., Oakland WF ladies, Cecile, Hakobo & Nu, Michelle, Ugo and all the peeps who came to dance... ! :-)

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