Sunday, 10 October 2010


Its my birthday 2day !!! After da amaaaaaaaaaaaazin party @ The Lift few hours ago, im headin 4 a set @ da Do-Over party & then carry on in da nite @ Voodoo 4 a last minute set... Propa marathon in LA ! !!!! Luv it :-)


  1. Happy Birthday bro..
    WOW what a party at the lift indeed. Thank you much for all the incredible music you shared with us. I need to find that one track I asked you about I think Dunia from Mali..... HOT HOT HOT!!!! If you get the time can you please email the info to me :)

    Peace & Love and hope to catch you again soon.
    Safe Travels

  2. Happy Bornday and enjoy the time in LA! A little birdie told me about you coming to the A. Is this true? We are ready!

    Anyways, much Love and see you soon!

  3. Happy birthday bro, hope you're having a great time ;)